E3 2015: Microsoft Liveblog

Posted by Simon on June 15, 2015
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Microsoft have much to prove this year. The PS4 has a clear lead thanks to Sony’s emphasis on games, and now new Microsoft boss Phil Spencer has to try and reverse that trend. Tune in live with me now to find out if they succeed!

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Simon 15 June 201509:21

OK, show starts in ten minutes. It’s a given that we’ll see Halo 5 Guardians and Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and I’m also pretty sure the next Gears Of War will show its face today. On thing’s for sure, they’ll be going direct for gamers this year. The TV/Kinect days are well and truly over.

Simon 15 June 201509:25

My wife has just brought me a massive slice of carrot cake. That’s the way to start an E3 show!

Simon 15 June 201509:30

There’s something mildly wrong about watching the Xbox briefing in the PS4 web browser. Maybe it’ll bleep out the good stuff.

Simon 15 June 201509:30

And here we go!

Simon 15 June 201509:31

Straight in with a montage.

Simon 15 June 201509:32

Using the awesome Man Of Steel soundtrack.

Simon 15 June 201509:32

Lara Croft, Marcus Fenix, Master Chief all front and centre. Stirring stuff.

Simon 15 June 201509:34

Halo 5 up first. This has much to make up for after Halo 4 in my eyes.

Simon 15 June 201509:34

New trailer.

Simon 15 June 201509:36

Master Chief and a team of four, including Nathan Fillion reprising his role as ODST’s Buck, tracking him down.

Simon 15 June 201509:36

Back to the “last Covenant stronghold’ in this gameplay demo. At least we’ve got some interesting enemies this time.

Simon 15 June 201509:38

Certainly looks like a very shiny Halo game. Solid 60fps and lots of particle effects.

Simon 15 June 201509:39

Urgh, spoke too soon. Promethian enemies.

Simon 15 June 201509:40

Looks like there’s a fair bit of air and space combat too.

Simon 15 June 201509:41

Player controls two distinct Spartan squads.

Simon 15 June 201509:41

Focus on new multiplayer features now.

Simon 15 June 201509:42

Warzone: Players vs Covenant vs Prometians. Looks nice, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Simon 15 June 201509:43

Trailer for new exclusive now. From makers of Metroid Prime.

Simon 15 June 201509:45

A girl and her robot fighting in a desert wasteland. Recore. Coming next year.

Simon 15 June 201509:46

No gameplay, but nice CGI trailer. If that even means anything any more.

Simon 15 June 201509:46

More talk about games, games, games. “The greatest line-up in Xbox history”.

Simon 15 June 201509:47

Whoa. Xbox One now backwards compatible with Xbox 360 natively. That’s huge.

Simon 15 June 201509:48

Oh, so 100 titles work now, another 100 coming soon. Pop disk in, download update, and game works straight away. Demoing feature with Mass Effect.

Simon 15 June 201509:49

“We won’t charge you to play the games you already own”. Ouch. Take that, Sony.

Simon 15 June 201509:50

First 100 games available to all this holiday. Holiday? Is that Christmas here?

Simon 15 June 201509:51

Showing off their new controller now. Fully customisable, including rounded d-pad and underpad paddles. Does look lovely.

Simon 15 June 201509:52

Todd Howard from Bethesda back on talking about Fallout 4 again. Exclusive content for Xbox One?

Simon 15 June 201509:53

He’s repeating much of what he said last night. Exactly the same recorded demo.

Simon 15 June 201509:54

There’s got to be a reason why they’re going through all this again. I wonder what the Xbox angle is here?

Simon 15 June 201509:55

Showing off a new weapon – a hand-cranked laser musket. Because why not.

Simon 15 June 201509:56

Some new gameplay here in a mission. Still looks like Matt’s going to be picking up a PS4 for this.

Simon 15 June 201509:57

Trashing some enemies in power armour now. It’s worth remembering that combat is only a small part of the Fallout experience, although they’re focusing on it pretty heavily here. Because Microsoft.

Simon 15 June 201509:58

PC mods for Fallout 4 will all be available for the Xbox One version. That’s extremely enticing.

Simon 15 June 201509:59

Also, a banner stated that Fallout 3 will be included free with Fallout 4. I wonder if it’ll be graphically upgraded.

Simon 15 June 201509:59

Ea man in suit bigging up EA Access now. And my stream’s crashed. Coincidence?

Simon 15 June 201510:00

Titanfall and Dragon Age Inquisition being added to EA Access.

Simon 15 June 201510:01

EA Access free for all Gold members for the next week.

Simon 15 June 201510:01

Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2. The first one left me utterly cold. It was so boring.

Simon 15 June 201510:02

And here’s a trailer.

Simon 15 June 201510:04

Cartoonish CGI trailer so so indication of gameplay, but it certainly looks like they’ve upped the ridiculousness ante.

Simon 15 June 201510:05

Now a Ford GT is being lowered onto the stage to advertise its addition to Forza 6.

Simon 15 June 201510:06

Forza 6 being shown off now in all its shiny glory.

Simon 15 June 201510:07

Certainly is shiny. Out September 15th. You bet you arse they won’t make the mistake with microtransactions again.

Simon 15 June 201510:08

World premiere of new From Software game. Dark Souls 3?

Simon 15 June 201510:09

Mean, moody and choral. Dark Souls 3.

Simon 15 June 201510:10

The Division now. One of the games that caught my eye last year.

Simon 15 June 201510:12

Some gamplay there but all stylised so hard to tell if the game still matches the amazing demo we saw last year.

Simon 15 June 201510:13

Exclusive beta for The Division in September.

Simon 15 June 201510:14

Rainbow Six Siege now. Fully destructible environments. Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 will come free with Siege, playable via backwards compatibility.

Simon 15 June 201510:15

Gameplay trailer now. Looks like exactly the right kind of game for a bunch of online mates without nightly responsibilities. So, not me then.

Simon 15 June 201510:16

Trailer for very pretty exclusive now. Lots of cartoony stylised characters fighting.

Simon 15 June 201510:17

Gigantic. Free to play. Looks like it’s just fancy online arena. combat. Disregard.

Simon 15 June 201510:18

Montage of indies incoming, including the amazing SuperHot. That had better not turn out to be an exclusive.

Simon 15 June 201510:19

ID@Xbox focus now. Tacoma, from developers of Gone Home, will debut first on Xbox One.

Simon 15 June 201510:22

Ashen console exclusive on One. Third person exploration and puzzling through dusty environments. Could be fun.

Simon 15 June 201510:22

Beyond Eyes. Protagonist is blind girl exploring world through other senses.

Simon 15 June 201510:23

Games is paining itself in flowing watercolours. Will be interesting to see if the concept can hold up for a whole game.

Simon 15 June 201510:25

Cuphead now. 2D platformer that looks like you’re controlling a 1920’s Disney character.

Simon 15 June 201510:25

It looks amazing. What great art style.

Simon 15 June 201510:26

Xbox Game Preview. Their version of Early Access. Players can buy and play games still in development. Each has demo then player chooses whether to invest.

Simon 15 June 201510:27

Elite Dangerous available today! Damn it.

Simon 15 June 201510:27

Dean Hall of DayZ fame talking about…new game?

Simon 15 June 201510:28

Yep. New prototype made into game, available through Preview.

Simon 15 June 201510:28

Here’s a trailer.

Simon 15 June 201510:28

Called Ion. 

Simon 15 June 201510:29

Not much cluse as to what kind of game it is. Space stations being constructed.

Simon 15 June 201510:29

Tomb Raider gameplay!

Simon 15 June 201510:31

Trudging through very pretty snowy environment.

Simon 15 June 201510:34

Poor Lara. Everything’s trying to kill her. Especially gravity.

Simon 15 June 201510:35

Oh, man. Lots of classic tomb environments shown.

Simon 15 June 201510:36

“Exclusive Holiday 2015”. Next year for me then. Can’t wait.

Simon 15 June 201510:36

Looks like that Rare collection leaked this morning is true then. Trailer for it now showing lots of classic Rare covers.

Simon 15 June 201510:37

Wow. 30 Rare games, $30. Perfect Dark, Viva Pinata, Banjo Kazooie. Nice collection.

Simon 15 June 201510:38

It`s called Rare Replay.

Simon 15 June 201510:38

First look at their new exclusive game now. A shared world adventure game.

Simon 15 June 201510:39

Big chunky Rare forest through first person view point.

Simon 15 June 201510:40

Is this a pirate game?

Simon 15 June 201510:40

Multiplayer pirate sailing/adventuring!

Simon 15 June 201510:40

Boat combat!

Simon 15 June 201510:41

Sea Of Thieves. Looks utterly gorgeous. I wonder if it’s a single player experience. too.

Simon 15 June 201510:43

Now a trailer for another free-to-play combat game for Xbox One/Windows 10. Fable Legends.

Simon 15 June 201510:44

New relationship with Valve VR, their VR headset. Also partnership with Oculus. They want to make Windows an integral part of VR.

Simon 15 June 201510:45

Now a demo of Hololens, the real-world VR glasses.

Simon 15 June 201510:45

Minecraft. Of course.

Simon 15 June 201510:46

New version of Minecraft for Hololens. Can’t wait to see this.

Simon 15 June 201510:48

Holy shit.

Simon 15 June 201510:48

Special camera is showing us what the Hololens guys sees. He’s just built a 3D Minecraft map on a table. It’s science fiction stuff.

Simon 15 June 201510:51

It’s really interesting. Application and price will be next factors.

Simon 15 June 201510:51

Gears now! New title?

Simon 15 June 201510:52

First Gears rebuilt for Xbox One. Multiplayer beta available now.

Simon 15 June 201510:52

New Gears now!

Simon 15 June 201510:52

Shiny trailer.

Simon 15 June 201510:53

Whoholyshit gameplay. Our friend Ryan is the lead gameplay designer on this. Been trying to squeeze out details for ages to no avail!

Simon 15 June 201510:54

The level of detail is insane.

Simon 15 June 201510:58

Gears 4. Looks like that sweet chunky combat is present and correct.

Simon 15 June 201511:00

Wrapping up now. Final emphasis on games exclusive this year – Halo, Forza, Tomb Raider.

Simon 15 June 201511:00

“If you’ve been waiting to move from your Xbox 360, now’s the time”. PLEASE MOVE NOW.

Simon 15 June 201511:03

And that’s it. No real surprises there. Halo looks like shiny Halo, Tomb Raider looks as lovely as the first, Gears is shiny Gears. Rare’s pirate game could turn out to be something special though, if there’s not a reliance  on multiplayer. Xbox 360 backward compatibility is nice though. Let’s see how Sony responds tonight. See you at 1pm for EA!

Simon 15 June 201511:04

Still holding back on Hololens hype until there’s more explanation on use and price. Certainly exciting new ground though.

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