E3 2015: EA Liveblog

Posted by Simon on June 15, 2015
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Prepare your eardrums.

EA, the longstanding kings of E3 bombast, are preparing their sweaty forearms for this year’s live show, starting in a little over ten minutes. We can expect a first look at the new Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, as well as (hopefully) some actual gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront. And then of course EA Access and Madden and Fifa and so on. I wonder if they’ll be any real, legitimate surprises? Remember when they brought out Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge in the same year? I think those days may have long passed. Here we go!

Simon 15 June 201513:00

One minute to go. I can hardly contain myself.

Simon 15 June 201513:00

Sorry. Shouldn’t be this cynical until I’m given a reason. Three minutes away? Four?

Simon 15 June 201513:02

I’ve no idea what this first video is. Landscapes and cowboy music.

Simon 15 June 201513:02


Simon 15 June 201513:03

Oh my God. Mass Effect Andromeda. YES PLEASE! Out Holiday (Christmas) 2016.

Simon 15 June 201513:04

“Play is our shared passion”. And money. DOn’t forget about money.

Simon 15 June 201513:05

Three new IPs coming.

Simon 15 June 201513:05

Sports, Mirror’s Edge, and Star Wars Battlefront for the finale.

Simon 15 June 201513:06

First up, Need For Speed.

Simon 15 June 201513:07

No gameplay, but lots of shiny neon and wet nighttime tracks through cities.

Simon 15 June 201513:09

There’s a lot of hyperbole here. Apparently we’ll question whether the graphics are real or in-game. I think we’ll probably work it out.

Simon 15 June 201513:09

Open world cities to be raced and explored. Area twice as big as in Carbon.

Simon 15 June 201513:10

Five different play options to specialise or switch between. Out November 3rd.

Simon 15 June 201513:10

Haha, they’re still using first person video again for the hilarious story content. Awesome.

Simon 15 June 201513:11

Demo of car customisation. roll round 3D model and highlight upgrade points,m then select from menu. Looks pretty intuitive.

Simon 15 June 201513:13

Cool, actual gameplay now. Looks very nice but the car handling looks awfully slippy. Back end sliding out all over the place. I guess that’s to make drifts easier.

Simon 15 June 201513:14

Star Wars The Old Republic now. Forgot that was a thing. People still play this?

Simon 15 June 201513:16

Knights Of The Fallen Empire. New, free, story-based expansion. 

Simon 15 June 201513:18

Don’t call it Knights Of The Old Republic 3.

Simon 15 June 201513:19

New IPs now. The first is “unlike anything else you’ll see today”. Hmm.

Simon 15 June 201513:20

First is Unravel. Emphasis on wool. I wonder how many people are thinking LittleBigPlanet right now?

Simon 15 June 201513:21

Puzzle platformer where you play as a little guy made out of yarn. You unravel as you move.

Simon 15 June 201513:22

There is a Swedish guy with tattooed fingers playing with a creepy yarn figure on stage.

Simon 15 June 201513:22

The line of yarn behind you means that you have to use physics to work out how to move forward.

Simon 15 June 201513:24

Very cute. Looks a bit like a Limbo but with wool and colour.

Simon 15 June 201513:25

Urgh. Man in Plants VS Zombies puppet walking out to Danger Zone.

Simon 15 June 201513:26

Team Fortress 2 with PvZ character models. Basically.

Simon 15 June 201513:29

Except less exciting. Gameplay demo shows the same mix of tower building and enemy wave attacks. Found this flow of gameplay so boring in the first one.

Simon 15 June 201513:31

Has droppable mechs like Titanfall, and the round ends with a rush to the evac craft…like Titanfall.

Simon 15 June 201513:32

Has full single player bot mode and split screen with a friend.

Simon 15 June 201513:33

Launching Spring 2016. Free content updates after launch.

Simon 15 June 201513:34

Light applause.

Simon 15 June 201513:35

NHL 16 now. Rousing speech about being champions.

Simon 15 June 201513:36

New golf. No more Tiger. Four courses? Did he say four courses?

Simon 15 June 201513:37

I must have misheard. Four courses?

Simon 15 June 201513:37

Straight on to Madden. They’re blazing through all the EA Sports titles.

Simon 15 June 201513:39

It’s funny how they sell each year’s iteration. NBA Live’s face scanning tech is the big feature this year.

Simon 15 June 201513:40

Scan your face with an app.

Simon 15 June 201513:40

Oh, God. The banter is cringeworthy tripe, as ever.

Simon 15 June 201513:41


Simon 15 June 201513:41

Please. Stop.

Simon 15 June 201513:42

The game looks quite nice, though. Although the list of things they’ve “finally” added does imply that the previous version was shit.

Simon 15 June 201513:43

The animations are really, really good. Very realistic. Faces, not so much.

Simon 15 June 201513:44

And now a whole section dedicated to mobile gaming. Jesus.

Simon 15 June 201513:45

These companies need to realise that people log so much time on mobile games because we have many periods of free seconds that we want to fill with something meaningless.

Simon 15 June 201513:46

And now here’s a Minions app.

Simon 15 June 201513:48

My stream has just died to save me from the explanation demo of Minions Paradise.

Simon 15 June 201513:50

Back now. Here’s Pele. So, Fifa time.

Simon 15 June 201513:51

Standing O for Pele. Not for Minions Paradise.

Simon 15 June 201513:54

Unfortunately the EA show is now stuck in a series on anecdotes with an old person, so there is no escape.

Simon 15 June 201513:54

Somebody, somewhere, is swearing very loudly. The energy is plummeting. The presenter is desperately trying to bring it back to Fifa relevance.

Simon 15 June 201513:55

Oh, boy. this is backfiring massively for EA. Pele’s a legend, for sure, but he is deep in life stories with no sign of stopping.

Simon 15 June 201513:56

Haha, conversation nicely killed by the presenter. Back to Fifa 16!

Simon 15 June 201513:57

PES beat Fifa pretty squarely last year in terms of gameplay, so EA has to make ground up this year. They’re emphasising on teamplay and dramatic final touches.

Simon 15 June 201513:59

Fifa Trainer shows contextualised button options to help you get better.

Simon 15 June 201513:59

And female teams! About time.

Simon 15 June 201514:01

Looks shiny, as ever. I wonder what the game-braking single win move will be this year?

Simon 15 June 201514:01

Mirror’s Edge time!

Simon 15 June 201514:02

Please be good.

Simon 15 June 201514:02

It’s Faith’s origin story. Hmm.

Simon 15 June 201514:04

Free-roaming world, no levels, no loading. Movement looks pretty smooth.

Simon 15 June 201514:04

Coming February 23rd 2016. Trailer now.

Simon 15 June 201514:07

Looks very nice, but I wish they’d kept the original character model for Faith. I really hope it doesn’t go too combat heavy, and I’m disappointed it’s not a sequel. We’ll see how it unfolds.

Simon 15 June 201514:08

New feature for Madden. Something about drafting players. This is lost on me, to be honest.

Simon 15 June 201514:12

Still talking about hand egg. A largely boring EA show needs to be redeemed by Star Wars, and quickly.

Simon 15 June 201514:13

Stream’s down for everyone, it seems. Just before Star Wars. Many people are now swearing loudly.

Simon 15 June 201514:16

And we’re back! Eventually found Gamespot stream still up and running. Hopefully in time for Star Wars now.

Simon 15 June 201514:18


Simon 15 June 201514:19

Hoth battle on PS4. Let’s have a look!

Simon 15 June 201514:24

Holy shit.

Simon 15 June 201514:24

Out November 17th.

Simon 15 June 201514:26

Here’s the problem: it’s overpriced, devoid of single player campaign, fewer maps, no space combat…but ti’s the game of my childhood dreams. It looks like the battle of Hoth. I feel like I’m going to be back and fore over this for a while. It just looks amazing.

Simon 15 June 201514:26


Simon 15 June 201514:28

Anyway. Boring show on most levels with no great surprises and an almost total lack of open-mouthed wonder. Until Star Wars, that is. Let’s see what Ubisoft has in store later. See you at 3pm!

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