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Posted by Matthew on February 22, 2015
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Matthew 22 February 201517:34

Howdy. This thing on?

Matthew 22 February 201517:35

It is. Good. Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick, and Jack Black are singing. Hooray!

Simon 22 February 201517:36

Anna Kendrick was the best, and is now even better. Hello! Oscars!

Simon 22 February 201517:37

That was very well done but now I just want to watch Anna Kendrick sing for the next three hours. I keep forgetting she’s Broadway royalty.

Matthew 22 February 201517:41

Best Supporting actor time. JK Simmons better win this.

Matthew 22 February 201517:42

FUCK YES. I’m one for one.

Simon 22 February 201517:43

I get the feeling I should C&P this sentence for tonight: I haven’t seen [WHIPLASH] but I understand that {JK SIMMONS] is very, very good in it.

Matthew 22 February 201517:44

Also, JK Simmons has been such an amazing character actor it’s about time he got some recognition.

Matthew 22 February 201517:44

Also, seriously, call your parents.

Simon 22 February 201517:45

Temporarily distracted for JK’s awesome speech by the sun going down in front of our loaned 32 floor Yaletown apartment. Proper apartment envy.

Matthew 22 February 201517:45

NPH made Oscar predictions and Price Waterhouse Cooper is treating them as they are the actual winners. Good stuff.

Matthew 22 February 201517:46

I’m actually pretty interested to see his predictions.

Matthew 22 February 201517:48

First best picture nominees being presented by Liam Neeson. Grand Budapest Hotel + American Sniper.

Simon 22 February 201517:48

I did not like Grand Budapest Hotel.

Matthew 22 February 201517:49

American Sniper is a good film but it’s not best picture nominee good. Ugh.

Matthew 22 February 201517:50

First best song nominee from Begin Again. I never actually saw that movie. Even though I rented it on iTunes. Oops.

Matthew 22 February 201517:53

It’s a good song. Adam Levine can sing. Glory will still probably win.

Matthew 22 February 201517:54
Matthew 22 February 201517:55
Matthew 22 February 201517:57

160k$ gift bags for the actors. Oi.

Simon 22 February 201517:57

Rich man laughing about rich friends. Gah.

Simon 22 February 201517:57

You can joke about money when you have it, I guess.

Matthew 22 February 201517:57

Who was it that made the quip about how in these economic times it’s nice to take a night off to watch rich people give each other gold statues?

Matthew 22 February 201517:58

Fuck yeah Grand Budapest.

Simon 22 February 201517:59

Grand Budapest Hotel wins best costumes. It did look gorgeous.

Matthew 22 February 201517:59

Two for two.

Matthew 22 February 201518:02

Best makeup. Grand Budapest Hotel. I’m glad it’s winning awards. However, if it’s winning all these technical awards does that mean it out of the running for the big ones?

Simon 22 February 201518:02

…and hair & make-up. See below.

Simon 22 February 201518:03


Matthew 22 February 201518:04

Didnt Channing Tatum do the stars of tomorrow thing last year, too?

Simon 22 February 201518:04

Although it gives the rest of us a chance, I guess.

Simon 22 February 201518:05

And that concludes the end of tonight’s cultural diversity.

Matthew 22 February 201518:05
Katherine 22 February 201518:07

Hey kids! Gonna be honest, I’m having login issues because I don’t know my password off the top of my head so I rushed to my desktop computer during commercial break to say hello… I’ll be back.. at some point 🙂

Simon 22 February 201518:09

The problem with liveblogging the Oscars here is that we keep getting distracted by the view. Matt’s taking panoramas of he gorgeousness and posting them to his Twitter.

Simon 22 February 201518:10

My friend Chitwel. I’m in 2012 with him and then, BANG. Oscar.

Matthew 22 February 201518:11

We hope so too Chris Miller.

Simon 22 February 201518:11

Best foreign language film goes to Ida. So, good. Well done.

Katherine 22 February 201518:11

I’ve only seen the Grand Budapest Hotel & American Sniper so expect any/all of my input to be related to shiny things and hot men. Much like the rest of my life.

Matthew 22 February 201518:11

Yay Kat is here! Ish!

Matthew 22 February 201518:12

And they’re playing off the best foreign film winner. Jackasses.

Simon 22 February 201518:12

Haha, this guy won’t be played off! Awesome!

Katherine 22 February 201518:13

Thoughts so far: Jack Black needs to host next year. The NPH predictions will end up being an elaborate magic trick. Chris Pratt, Chris Evans & Channing Tatum in one place is a lot to handle.

Matthew 22 February 201518:13

Kat, that is acceptable. I’ve seen all of them and only have similar things to say, really.

Matthew 22 February 201518:14
Matthew 22 February 201518:14

They’re rushing through the nominees for best picture. Three more now. That means we’ve seen presentations for 5 and there are only 8.

Simon 22 February 201518:15

I would very much like to see Boyhood. Although, as the father of a boy, I think it might be two hours of me crying.

Simon 22 February 201518:16

And Birdman.

Matthew 22 February 201518:17

NPH really is just doing this his way isn’t he?

Matthew 22 February 201518:17


Simon 22 February 201518:18

Marion Cotillard is as beautiful as the burning orange of the dusking sky.

Simon 22 February 201518:19


Simon 22 February 201518:20

If that isn’t the best part of the whole Oscars, I’ll be very, very surprised.

Matthew 22 February 201518:20

You know I’d really like The Lonely Island to tour.

Simon 22 February 201518:20

Will Arnett dressed as Batman signing “DARKNESS. NO PARENTS” is going to take some beating.

Katherine 22 February 201518:21


Katherine 22 February 201518:22

Also, having possibly the classiest French woman ever present a song for the Lego movie was a brilliant production decision.

Matthew 22 February 201518:23

Kat, yes, yes it was.

Simon 22 February 201518:26

Jason Bateman will always be Teen Wolf Too in my heart.

Katherine 22 February 201518:26

And now we have foreign language short film… also known as the thing on your Oscar pool ballot you sort of randomly threw a dart at & crossed your fingers.

Katherine 22 February 201518:26

Simon – Jason Bateman will always hold a place a little lower than my heart.

Simon 22 February 201518:27

Best Live Action Short goes to The Phonecall. Where can these be watched? Is there a place? Some kind of digital information transfer system? Over a network?

Simon 22 February 201518:27

British humour is the best humour and goes down like a lead balloon in places like this.

Matthew 22 February 201518:28

I wish it was easier to watch the short films.

Simon 22 February 201518:28

Don’t play off the small players so quickly, Oscars. Show some class. Or do the same to Clint Eastwood.

Katherine 22 February 201518:28

Pretty sure Ansel Elgort & Eddie Redmayne are wearing like the exact same suit, and sitting one in front of the other. I don’t know about you but if I’m going to the Oscars and I know who’s sitting around me I am definitely texting them to see what they’re wearing.

Simon 22 February 201518:29

Kat – Jason Bateman? Really? Hmm.

Simon 22 February 201518:29

Best Documentary Short goes to Crisis Hotline.

Katherine 22 February 201518:29

Sidenote: so many British accents tonight in the red carpet & during the show… I approve. I approve so much and really wish they’d just televise the BAFTAs already.

Katherine 22 February 201518:29

Simon – when I was a kid and he was a Hogan? OH YES.

Simon 22 February 201518:30

I wonder if every reference to veterans will automatically cause a cut to Bradley Cooper looking meaningful.

Matthew 22 February 201518:30

This is the part of the Oscars where I kind of tune out. And they keep trying to play off people winning the minor awards.

Matthew 22 February 201518:31

THey should let these people talk. They so rarely get a platform.

Simon 22 February 201518:31

They do televise the BAFTAs, don’t they? I’m sure they do?

Matthew 22 February 201518:31
Simon 22 February 201518:31

(And Google is going to have to tell me what/who a Hogan is)

Simon 22 February 201518:33

Montage time.

Matthew 22 February 201518:33
Simon 22 February 201518:33

I want to live here. The view over the darkening bay is breathtaking.

Simon 22 February 201518:34

He’s got a point. British accents are the best.

Matthew 22 February 201518:34

David Oyelowo should have had a nomination. Which NPH just made clear.

Matthew 22 February 201518:35

Remember when David Oyelowo was on Spooks (MI-5 here in Canada)?

Simon 22 February 201518:35

Are the jokes falling especially flat tonight?

Katherine 22 February 201518:37

Serious talk: I can’t bring myself to watch Still Alice or even listen to this Tim McGraw song because of my family’s history with Alzheimer’s. Also the reason I can only sit through the Rachel McAdams bits of the Notebook.

Simon 22 February 201518:37

Cowboy hat and tux is not a combination I would recommend. Even for cowboys.

Matthew 22 February 201518:38

I think the jokes are falling flat because NPH is actively making fun of hollywood and they have no sense of humour.

Katherine 22 February 201518:38

No, they don’t televise the BAFTAs. I WISH. It always falls on Grammys night so instead we get hours of really strange red carpet coverage.

Simon 22 February 201518:39

Commercial break is the perfect opportunity to tell you that this apartment has a massive TV and surround sound system and I want to watch Inception on it SO BAD

Katherine 22 February 201518:39

NPH said on Ellen that he wasn’t going to try to play the show to the people in the room, instead he wanted to play to the people watching at home and make fun at the people in the room.

Matthew 22 February 201518:41

Kat, Yeah NPH is killing it as far as i am concerned.

Matthew 22 February 201518:42

Oooh, 5 seconds of black screen and stage direction. Most interesting thing to happen so far??

Matthew 22 February 201518:43
Matthew 22 February 201518:43

Miles Teller is going places.

Simon 22 February 201518:44

I like Miles Teller because he looks so much like I did at one point a long, long, long time ago.

Katherine 22 February 201518:45

I love Miles Teller. I ran back to my office to type this specifically. He is going to keep coming back to these awards for years and years to come. Also kudos on not looking at Margot’s cleave, that must have been hard.

Simon 22 February 201518:46

Margot Robbie looks amazing. She was fantastic in The Wolf Of Wall Street. And she’s going to be Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

Matthew 22 February 201518:46

Whiplash. Please let Whiplash win.

Matthew 22 February 201518:47

Whiplash for sound mixing. At least these technical awards are going well.

Simon 22 February 201518:47

Out of all the Oscar film I haven’t seen, Whiplash is the one I want to see the most.

Matthew 22 February 201518:49

American Sniper wins for Sound Editing. Which means that from now on it will be known as “Oscar Winner American Sniper” in all marketing materials.

Matthew 22 February 201518:51

Here comes Jared Leto to give the best supporting actress statue. Fun!

Simon 22 February 201518:52

Still pissed at Jared Leto for Fight Club. And I honestly think he’s the wrong choice for The Joker in Suicide Squad. But what the fuck do I know.

Matthew 22 February 201518:52

I have no idea who is going to win this.

Matthew 22 February 201518:53

Laura Dern played Reese Witherspoons mom in Wild. She is 12 years older than Reese.

Simon 22 February 201518:53

Emma Stone to win all the things ever.

Simon 22 February 201518:54

Nooooo. Emma Stone was the correct answer.

Matthew 22 February 201518:54

Patricia Arquette! I’m 3 for 3.

Simon 22 February 201518:55

Although I’ll just pretend this is for True Romance.

Matthew 22 February 201518:55

Now that Patrciia Arquette has collected her statue she can get back to her CSI show.

Matthew 22 February 201518:56
Matthew 22 February 201518:57

Patricia Arquette just made a statement about equal wages and rights for women in America. Cue the internet hate fest.

Simon 22 February 201518:57

Haha! And Patricia Arquette brings the house down by daring to suggest that women should be paid the same as men for doing the same job. Insanity.

Katherine 22 February 201518:57

And the actress from Boyhood gives the most feminist speech. Living room standing ovation.

Matthew 22 February 201518:58

How long until the hashtag hate mob starts fuming? Probably already are.

Katherine 22 February 201518:58

Did you guys catch Emma Stone holding the Lego Oscar?

Matthew 22 February 201519:00

3 minutes ago Patricia Arquette won an Oscar. Just now i saw an ad for CSI Cyber “starring Oscar Winner Patricia Arquette”. You can’t say that marketing people move slow.

Simon 22 February 201519:00

I catch Emma Stone doing anything. Everything.

Matthew 22 February 201519:02
Simon 22 February 201519:02

Emma Stone is Ginger Kryptonite. My wife is solely to blame for that.

Matthew 22 February 201519:02

The songs are all good so far.

Simon 22 February 201519:02

J-Lo’s breasts looks bored.

Simon 22 February 201519:03

Chloe’s ear is half diamond.

Matthew 22 February 201519:04

Best visual effects coming up. Hard category.

Simon 22 February 201519:04

Interstellar wins for Visual Effects. Deserved, but it’s a mess of a movie otherwise.

Matthew 22 February 201519:06

I was really hoping Apes would take it, but INterstellar was a lot of practical effects.

Matthew 22 February 201519:07
Matthew 22 February 201519:08

Feast, which played ahead of Big Hero 6, wins best animated short. Well deserved.

Katherine 22 February 201519:08
Matthew 22 February 201519:10

“If you’re at the party with the guys who made The Lego Movie now would be a good time to start distracting them. Here to present the award for best animated feature……” –NPH.

Simon 22 February 201519:11

1) It’s fucking criminal that The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated and 2) *Big Hero 6* is not Oscar worthy on ay level.

Matthew 22 February 201519:12

Big Hero 6 wins for best animated and I am now 3 for 5.

Simon 22 February 201519:13

The aggressive playing off of everyone but the biggest names is really starting to piss me off.

Matthew 22 February 201519:15
Simon 22 February 201519:16

Apartment view update: the sun has now completely disappeared and the lights flow beneath us, floating and rolling silently in arteries of orange and white.

Simon 22 February 201519:17

I’ll request a panorama.

Simon 22 February 201519:18

Oh yeah, Oscars stuff. Someone’s talking about how film is a universal language. Much like English.

Simon 22 February 201519:19

So. Much. Hyperbole.

Simon 22 February 201519:20

I mean, the message is sound, of course. But…yeah.

Simon 22 February 201519:20


Matthew 22 February 201519:21
Matthew 22 February 201519:22

Grand Budapest wins best production design. Deserved.

Simon 22 February 201519:23

Production Design goes to Grand Budapest Hotel. I agree, but it’s the most gorgeous movie that I’ve hated.

Simon 22 February 201519:24

The next James Bond, ladies and gentlemen.

Matthew 22 February 201519:25

Birdman takes Best Cinematography.

Simon 22 February 201519:25

Birdman wins for cinematography.

Matthew 22 February 201519:27

I’m not surprised. It’s a beautiful looking film.

Matthew 22 February 201519:27
Matthew 22 February 201519:28
Katherine 22 February 201519:28

CHRIS PRATT! GUYS IT’S CHRIST PRATT. (typo, but it stays)

Matthew 22 February 201519:29

Roger Deakins really needs to win more of these awards. He’s amazing.

Katherine 22 February 201519:30

Earlier on twitter I was talking about how much I wanted Chris Pratt & Channing Tatum to arrive on the red carpet together. And then start chatting. And become BFFs. And make Magic Mike 3 together. And then I needed a cold shower.

Simon 22 February 201519:31

Meryl Streep is everyone’s Mum, basically.

Simon 22 February 201519:34

There’s always loads of these that I had no idea died this year. Also, ach, Robin Williams.

Matthew 22 February 201519:35

So many greats died this year. What the hell.

Matthew 22 February 201519:36
Simon 22 February 201519:40
Katherine 22 February 201519:42

Speaking of Chris Pratt though… the Johnny Karate episode of Parks & Rec complete with Pawnee commercials was GENIUS. Also he’s the desktop wallpaper on 3 of my 6 windows.

Simon 22 February 201519:43

Bunderdick Cumbransnatch just saved Niomi Watts from falling on her arse.

Matthew 22 February 201519:43
Simon 22 February 201519:43

This audience is fucking dead.

Simon 22 February 201519:44

Film Editing goes to Whiplash! Yay!

Matthew 22 February 201519:44

Whiplash wins again. Wooooooo!

Simon 22 February 201519:45

The small of Niomi Watts’ back should get its own award.

Katherine 22 February 201519:45
Matthew 22 February 201519:45
Matthew 22 February 201519:46

Terrence Howard always looks like he’s about to cry and sounds like he’s preaching.

Simon 22 February 201519:47

Kat’s Bendumdich Crampersnitch tweet is hotter than the entirety of 50 Shades Of Grey. Phew.

Simon 22 February 201519:47

WHY THE FUCK IS HE CRYING? I just don’t believe him.

Matthew 22 February 201519:51

Citizen Four wins best documentary.

Matthew 22 February 201519:51

Between the three of us on this couch we’ve seen one of the nominees for best documentary. I wish it were easier to see documentaries.

Matthew 22 February 201519:52

I mean it’s easy once they hit Netflix, but i mean before that.

Matthew 22 February 201519:52
Matthew 22 February 201519:57

The Oscars are boring. There, I said it.

Simon 22 February 201519:59

What he said.

Matthew 22 February 201519:59

John Legend and Common are singing Glory. Which will win because that proves the academy aren’t racist.

Simon 22 February 201519:59

Still watching, Elyse?

Simon 22 February 201520:00

“Fuckin’ Oprah”.

Matthew 22 February 201520:03

Chris Pine is crying a single tear after Glory.

Matthew 22 February 201520:05

John Travolta. Actor, Scientoligist, wig enthusiast.

Simon 22 February 201520:05

The Travolta neck grip is fucking creepy.

Simon 22 February 201520:05

Best Song. It’ll be Selma, should be Lego.

Simon 22 February 201520:06


Matthew 22 February 201520:07
Katherine 22 February 201520:11

I can’t take credit for the Cumberbatch sex tweet, Simon… It’s an altered line from Sherlock. Though do see the lesbian sex scenes in my MS for original steaminess.

Katherine 22 February 201520:12

Glory. Great song. A stage full of African American’s standing on a replica of a bridge bearing the name of a KKK grand master, that has yet to be renamed, facing an audience of primarily white people… AWKWARD.

Matthew 22 February 201520:14

ScarJo is talking about The Sound of Music. I have no idea why this happening.

Simon 22 February 201520:15

As someone who teaches people from all parts of the world, I’m constantly shocked how unknown The Sound Of Music is in many of their homes. Especially Austria, where hardly anyone’s even heard of it.

Simon 22 February 201520:16

AAAH, was really hoping Julie Andrews was coming out. Balls.

Simon 22 February 201520:18

The Sound Of Music is completely transformed when watched from an adult perspective after having studied the ins and outs of the Second World War. Christopher Plummer signing Eidelweiss to a room of expectant Nazis is one of the all time great moments of cinema.

Matthew 22 February 201520:18

Lady Gaga can sing. Why is she singing this?

Simon 22 February 201520:19

Kat: I’m reading The Sisters Brothers for book club then your MS is next. Excited face.

Simon 22 February 201520:20

To be far, this should have been really bad, but Lady Gaga is doing a great job with the original songs. Lots of spirit in there.

Simon 22 February 201520:20

AYYYY! Mary Poppins is here!

Simon 22 February 201520:21

She can’t ever die.

Matthew 22 February 201520:21

I don’t know why people are surprised to find out Gaga can actually sing.

Matthew 22 February 201520:22

Best original score time.

Matthew 22 February 201520:23

Alexandre Desplat wins for Grand Budapest. Hooray!

Matthew 22 February 201520:25

Glory and Alexandre Desplat bring me up to…. 5 for 7?

Simon 22 February 201520:25
Matthew 22 February 201520:31

6 for 8 with Birdman taking original screenplay.

Simon 22 February 201520:31

Birdman wins for Best Original Screenplay.

Matthew 22 February 201520:34
Matthew 22 February 201520:35

The Imitation Game takes best adapted, which means I am 6 for 9.

Simon 22 February 201520:41

A moving speech. Unfortunately, the message to stay who you are and to not give a fuck about those who would wish this to change is one that is taught far too late, and not from teachers, but from life. Doing my bit to change this, for what it’s worth.

Simon 22 February 201520:42

The big awards coming up now. Best Director first.

Simon 22 February 201520:42


Simon 22 February 201520:43

Once again, Emma Stone. Emma Stone, everyone.

Matthew 22 February 201520:44

I was sure theyd give Linklater. Looks like Birdman will take everything left then

Simon 22 February 201520:46

Best Actor (Male/Female) and Film coming up. Yay.

Simon 22 February 201520:50

Best Actor in Leading Role now.

Matthew 22 February 201520:51


Simon 22 February 201520:51

Eddie Redmayne! But not for Jupiter Ascending.

Matthew 22 February 201520:52

I didnt think Redmayne would take it. At all.

Simon 22 February 201520:54

Actress now.

Matthew 22 February 201520:54

He was great, but I didnt like the movie.

Simon 22 February 201520:55


Simon 22 February 201520:55

(If only)

Simon 22 February 201520:56

Marion Cotillard please, if we have to stay within the confines of the possible.

Simon 22 February 201520:58

Julianne Moore. Not seen the film, but she’s always great.

Matthew 22 February 201521:01

I’ve lost track of where I’m at. 7 for 12?

Simon 22 February 201521:01

Best Movie now, after the payoff for the secret prediction box. Which had better be fucking sensational.

Simon 22 February 201521:03

The idea for the jokes is sound, but this audience is having none of it.

Simon 22 February 201521:04

Now it’s time for Best Picture.

Simon 22 February 201521:05


Simon 22 February 201521:06

Emma Stone’s back should win Best Best.

Matthew 22 February 201521:07

Birdman wins. So I’m 8 for 13? That’s not bad.

Matthew 22 February 201521:08

At least there were a few surprises tonight.

Matthew 22 February 201521:09

I’m done now though. Ill try to have a few thoughts later on twitter.

Simon 22 February 201521:09

So, Oscars. Boring and a little lifeless, but with a few nice victories.

Simon 22 February 201521:11

OK, thanks for sticking with us. Here’s to all the moaning that’s it’s going to fuel over the next week. See you soon!

Katherine 22 February 201521:11

In closing: Eddie Redmayne went to school with Prince William and British accents are awesome. Also, speeches with a message are the only way to go.

Katherine 22 February 201521:12

Aside – sorry I was in & out all night, catch up with my twitter @katarnett for all my random quips!

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