‘John Wick’ Trailer + Poster: Don’t Mess With Keanu’s Dog

Posted by Matthew on September 24, 2014
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John Wick

Keanu Reeves loves two rings in this movie: his sweet ride and his sweet puppy dog. Then Alfie Allen comes along and takes one and kills the other. Too bad for him it turns out Keanu Reeves has a degree in ass kickery with a minor in shooting people in the face.

This looks amazing. Simple set up for sure, but amazing. He’s retired from a life of killing people but then they kill his dog (a gift from his dying wife) and so he kills them all. I mean, shit, what else do you need to know other than that and that it looks great?

John Wick premiered last week at Fantastic Fest and will see wide release on 24 October. Here’s the poster as well which features Keanu’s head as an explosive with a lit wick. I don’t think subtle is the way this film is going and I kind of love it.

John Wick

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