Cymbeline Trailer Combines The Bard With Bikers And Bullets

Posted by Simon on September 03, 2014
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Shakespeare is the best writer who ever lived. His words carry such beauty, brutality, humour and psychosis that we’ve seen a number attempts to update the context of his stories, with varying degrees of success. Here’s a trailer for new version of the lesser-known Cymbeline from director Michael Almereyda, who you may remember from his version of Hamlet starring Ethan Hawke in 2000. Take a look.


It’s quite a cast, with the likes of Ethan Hawke (again), Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, John Leguizamo and Anton Yelchin lending good weight to the film’s narrative. Let’s hope that the story is a good fit for the vicious contemporary setting. 

Also, it would be great if this went on general release instead being buried for a one-week run at a single theatre. Regardless of whether it is a success, it’s important that as many people as introduced to Shakespeare as possible.


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