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Posted by Simon on June 09, 2014
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OK, get you ear protectors ready, it’s time for the EA conference! Come on in and get comfy. It’s going to be dramatic.

No need to refresh, just enjoy my reaction to the barrage of eye candy. I’m sure we’ll hear more about FIFA and maybe Titanfall, with maybe a few surprises. Let’s watch!

Simon 9 June 201412:01

Straight in with the Star Wars theme with DICE talking. Battlefront!

Simon 9 June 201412:02

Lovely montage of the DICE team photographing the original costumes and visiting the locations for authenticity.

Simon 9 June 201412:03

The early in-game footage looks AMAZING

Simon 9 June 201412:03

Star Wars Battlefront, out Spring 2015. SOLD.

Simon 9 June 201412:04

Like Microsoft, we’re going to see a mix of games almost finished and those due out over the next year(s). They’re committed to us, the gamers. Aah.

Simon 9 June 201412:05

Dragon Age Inquisition first. It looked great earlier.

Simon 9 June 201412:06

Live cellist playing over sweeping DA:I vistas. Bioware also showing something new afterwards. Mass Effect?

Simon 9 June 201412:07

No in-game footage but it does look lovely.

Simon 9 June 201412:08

Bioware guy explaining now that DA:I has “expansive open-world gameplay” so you can proceed however you wish.

Simon 9 June 201412:08

Live gameplay demo now.

Simon 9 June 201412:09

The Twitch stream is being hammered so I can’t really comment of graphic quality, but it does look incredibly intense.

Simon 9 June 201412:10

It also has a tactical camera where time freezes and you can play the battle more strategically. Must be a nightmare to implement the two styles of play so they fit together.

Simon 9 June 201412:14

Stream is crapping out, but there’s a few snippets of new Mass Effect. Shiny, of course. Interview montage with Bioware guys about building stories is their priority (just not endings).

Simon 9 June 201412:15

New Sims 4 footage now. Part of the crowd went crazy. Big Sims love out there, I guess.

Simon 9 June 201412:15

Certainly looks like a Sims game. Isn’t this the game where you can permantly lock someone in a toilet? Might give it a try.

Simon 9 June 201412:17

What is happening. There are Sims doing Sim things. Parties and telling jokes and such.

Simon 9 June 201412:19

“Smarter Sims, weirder stories”. Out September.

Simon 9 June 201412:19

Interview with Bruce Lee to sell new EA UFC title. You can play him in game.

Simon 9 June 201412:20

Lots of other UFC fighters telling us how amazing Bruce Lee is.

Simon 9 June 201412:22

I believe it’s been developed by the Fight Night devs, and it’s got that high sheen of quality.

Simon 9 June 201412:23

NHL 15 now. The hockey players come alive on next-gen, apparently. Because those dead players were a real problem on last gen.

Simon 9 June 201412:24

NHL 15 gameplay footage now. They’ve applied physics to every player and the puck. Extra physics all round. All the physics.

Simon 9 June 201412:26

EA exec talking about making fun. And making money from it, probably.

Simon 9 June 201412:26


Simon 9 June 201412:26

What are they cooking up?

Simon 9 June 201412:27

New IP – moving beyond cars. Helicopters, buggies, wingsuits.

Simon 9 June 201412:28

It looks like an openworld game with tones of different vehicles to use as you jet around. Prototype gameplay shows you, in first person, leaping from a heli to a buggy. Lots of stunts too. Could be cool!

Simon 9 June 201412:29

EA PGA Tour, now completely Tigerless.

Simon 9 June 201412:29

Uhhhh it seems to have fantasy golf courses where you have to hit over a crashing battleship.

Simon 9 June 201412:30

That’s so EA, isn’t it? “How can we make golf more exciting? EXPLODING BATTLESHIP ON COURSE”

Simon 9 June 201412:30

You don’t see that on St. Andrew’s.

Simon 9 June 201412:31

Madden Madden Madden. He’s saying some words about playing American handegg. I don’t feel I’m the best person to comment on this part.

Simon 9 June 201412:31


Simon 9 June 201412:32

He said “football” Grr.

Simon 9 June 201412:32

Madden out August 26th.

Simon 9 June 201412:32

I feel that this game is taken seriously by a great many people, and that this game is for them.

Simon 9 June 201412:34

Oh boy. Madden to MOBA. Dawngate is EA’s attempt to take a slice of the most popular type of game in the world.

Simon 9 June 201412:34

Soon there’ll be something I’m able to talk about! Sorry. Ignorant to all things MOBA.

Simon 9 June 201412:36

OK. Next. Guy saying about how much he loves E3.

Simon 9 June 201412:36

“We embrace the open and honest dialogue”. And your wallets.

Simon 9 June 201412:37

DICE again. Mirror’s Edge 2!

Simon 9 June 201412:37

Focus on Faith’s design.

Simon 9 June 201412:38

Concept footage of the new parkour moves.

Simon 9 June 201412:40

“We’re recreating Faith for a new generation”. Uh-oh. The concept footage of combat looked OK, though. Just as long as combat isn’t the game’s focus.

Simon 9 June 201412:40

FIFA 15 now. I know this one!

Simon 9 June 201412:41

New features focus again on reactions, emotions and physicals. That’s where the next-gen bandwidth is going, then.

Simon 9 June 201412:42


Simon 9 June 201412:42

That emotion word again. Feel feel feel feel the game. That’s their buzzword this year then.

Simon 9 June 201412:43

Trailer with SAFFF LANDAN guy telling us how amazing football is.

Simon 9 June 201412:43

I mean, it looks fine, but it looks like FIFA, so.

Simon 9 June 201412:44

The important thing will be if the new physics actually make a difference.

Simon 9 June 201412:44

Oh, it was Idris Elba. Of course.

Simon 9 June 201412:45

Battlefield Hardline now. I wonder if they’ve got anything left to say about it that hasn’t already been leaked this week.

Simon 9 June 201412:45

It’s Battlefield but cops and robber instead of faceless military campaign. Which sounds wonderful, so be honest.

Simon 9 June 201412:46

Made by Visceral, makers of Dead Space. I wonder if they can actually make this one work.

Simon 9 June 201412:47

Much bigger focus on single player campaign. Will play like an exciting TV show.

Simon 9 June 201412:47

MP still massive focus. 32 player battle gameplay footage starting now.

Simon 9 June 201412:47

It’s a heist.

Simon 9 June 201412:49

Robbers going in, cops stopping them. It’s a simple thematic shift but I love it. Like Payday but much bigger in scale.

Simon 9 June 201412:50

Hmm. This gameplay footage does seem extremely staged, what with destructive masonry falling on enemies at just the right moment as your car sweeps round the corner.

Simon 9 June 201412:50

Oh yeah, there is no way this is naturally occurring gameplay.

Simon 9 June 201412:51

It’s bedlam. They get this playing like the video, it’s going to be a blast.

Simon 9 June 201412:53

The robbers are smashing their way up a skyscraper while the cops fire from across the street. Walls, tables, furniture all shredding.

Matthew 9 June 201412:53

I’m struggling to find anything to say about any of this.

Simon 9 June 201412:53

Exciting stuff, but I’ll be extremely interested to see how it matches actual gameplay footage.

Simon 9 June 201412:54

Battlefield Hardline PC and PS4 beta signup starting NOW

Simon 9 June 201412:55

Haha, EA site has just gone CRUUUUNCH. If you have it on PS4, go to game tile and download beta from there. You lucky buggers.

Simon 9 June 201412:56

The beta is live now, marked with jet streams basting up from the stage.

Simon 9 June 201412:57

And that was also the end of the show. He really should have yelled PEACE OUT from the steam.

Simon 9 June 201412:59

Well, apart from Star Wars Battlefront and some possible cops vs robbers action, what I’ll take from this is the enduring image of an exploding battleship crashing into a PGA Tour golf course. EA, everyone!

Simon 9 June 201413:00

Mirror’s Edge too, but I’m extremely worried that their “new generation” Faith will basically be a combat queen.

Simon 9 June 201413:01

Anyway, thanks for joining me. See you at 3pm for Ubisoft!

Simon 9 June 201413:02

Matt: BOOM with your EMOTIONS

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