Marvel One Shot ‘All Hail The King’ Poster is Awesome

Posted by Matthew on February 27, 2014

All Hail The King

There’s an awesome Marvel One Shot short film included on the Blu-Ray for Thor: The Dark World and it features everyone’s favourite super villain. Now there’s a poster. Let’s take a look!

All Hail The King

First off, apologies for the quality. When I get ahold of a better one I’ll update.

Second, I love it. Marvel’s really doing a great job with the One Shots, and I love that they are treating them as equal parts of the universe and giving them some pretty great marketing (see the Agent Carter poster). If you have’t seen it yet -All Hail The King_ is definitely worth checking out and has some interesting ramifications for the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And also is hilarious.

(source: movieweb)

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