Captain America: The Winter Soldier Super Bowl Spot, Trailer #2 + New Poster: How Do You Tell Good Guys From Bad Guys?

Posted by Matthew on February 02, 2014
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Finally a decent look at Falcon and Black Widow and The Winter Soldier himself, or at least what they’re all capable of.

Super Bowl Spot:

This one aired right after the American National Anthem, and I think the use of it in the spot is pretty effective.

This has little to do with character and everything to do with ass kicking. Just enough of a look at Falcon and Black Widow to know they get some hero moments but not enough to feel like their parts are spoiled. Plus, a couple good shots of Cap and Winter Soldier fighting and showing that Winter Soldier is Cap’s equal.

Also, I’m glad Cap’s sense of humour is intact.

Also also, who is that under the sheet they’re crying over? I doubt it’s Nick Fury so maybe Falcon?

Here’s a new poster as well. It’s basically a remix of the character posters from the other day, but it’s shiny too.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

4th April pretty much can’t come soon enough at this point.

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