71st Annual Golden Globes Live Blog

Posted by Matthew on January 12, 2014
Live Blog

Golden Globes

Tonight the Hollywood Foreign Press Association holds their annual statue giving ceremony and I’ll be watching and commentating. The show starts at 5pm Pacific so check back here around then to follow along.

Newest updates Will be at the top. I’ll keep a list of winners here also.


  • Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture – Jennifer Lawrence – American Hustle
  • Best Supporting Actress in Series/Mini-Series/TV Movie – Jacqueline Bisset – Dancing on the Edge
  • Best Mini Series or Movie – Behind the Candelabra
  • Best Actress in a mini series/TV Movie – Elizabeth Moss – Top of the Lake
  • Best Actor in a Drama Series – Bryan Cranston – Breaking Bad
  • Best TV Series (Drama) – Breaking Bad
  • Best Original Score – Alex Ebert – All is Lost
  • Best Original Song – Ordinary Love by U2 — Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series – Jon Voight – Ray Donovan
  • Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical Movie – Amy Adams – American Hustle.
  • Best Actress in a Drama Series – Robin Wright – House of Cards
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Movie – Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club
  • Best Screenplay – Spike Jonze – Her
  • Best Actor in a Comedy Series – Andy Samberg – Brooklyn 99
  • Best Foreign Film – The Great Beauty
  • Best Actor in a Mini Series or TV Movie – Michael Douglas – Behind the Candelabra
  • Best Animated Feature – Frozen
  • Best Actress in a Comedy Series – Amy Poehler – Parks and Rec
  • Best Director – Alfonso Cuaron – Gravity
  • Best Comedy Series – Brooklyn 99
  • Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy – Leonardo Dicaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Best Picture — Musical or Comedy – American Hustle
  • Best Actress in a Drama – Cate Blanchett – Blue Jasmine
  • Best Actor in a Drama – Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club
  • Best Picture — Drama – 12 Years a Slave

  • Cecil B. De Mille Award for Lifetime Achievement – Woody Allen

Matthew 12 January 201417:04

Ok we’re off to the races people. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are on stage and being funny. Hooray!

Matthew 12 January 201417:05

This is amusing but am I the only one that misses Rickey Gervais taking the piss out of everyone and everything?

Matthew 12 January 201417:06

“Cecil B DeMille award goes toWoody Allen tonight just a few years after Martin Scorcese. I assume it’s the award for littlest man with the biggest glasses”

Matthew 12 January 201417:08

“For his role in Dallas Buyers Club Matthew McConaughey lost 45 pounds, or what actresses call ‘being in a movie'”. Sad but true.

Matthew 12 January 201417:10

Oooh first award time. Hooray!

Matthew 12 January 201417:11

Best Supporting Actress in a movie. hooray!

Matthew 12 January 201417:11

Seriously don’t know who to root for.

Matthew 12 January 201417:11

Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle. That’s… actually not surprising, she was amazing.

Matthew 12 January 201417:13

Jennifer Lawrence is kind of awesome not only because she’s a great actor but because she seems legit surprised when she wins.

Matthew 12 January 201417:14

Wait, Hayden Panniteiere is up for an award?

Matthew 12 January 201417:15

Jacqueline Bisset wins for Dancing on the Edge. I don’t know what that is but apparently I should check it out.

Matthew 12 January 201417:17

Wow, they’re playing Jacqueline Bisset off. I mean, she’s been up there a while, but damn.

Matthew 12 January 201417:20

so we just raced through those first two awards and now there’s a shit load of commercials.

Matthew 12 January 201417:22

Naomi Watts and Mark Ruffalo on stage. Maybe Mark Ruffalo will turn into the hulk?

Matthew 12 January 201417:22

“Mini series have given us countless hours of entertainment.” Unless you count the hours.

Matthew 12 January 201417:23

I haven’t seen all these but here’s pulling for Behind the Candelabra.

Matthew 12 January 201417:23

Woo! Behind the Candelabra wins!! I like it when things I like win. Let’s keep that up Hollywood Foreign Press!

Matthew 12 January 201417:25

And we’re jumping right to best actress mini series/movie.

Matthew 12 January 201417:25

I have not seen any of these performances.

Matthew 12 January 201417:26

But Elizabeth Moss wins for Top of the Lake

Matthew 12 January 201417:27

Oh hey it’s the girl from Mad Men. I knew I recognized her from somewhere.

Matthew 12 January 201417:28

And they are playing her off as well. Man they’re really going to try to finish this in 3 hours this year.

Matthew 12 January 201417:28

Matt Damon

Matthew 12 January 201417:32

Introducing one of the best picture nominees, Captain Phillips. A fantastic film. I wonder if it has a chance in the face of 12 Years a Slave and Gravity. I don’t think Philomena really has a shot. I kind of hope Rush does.

Matthew 12 January 201417:32

I am kind of loving how there are a lot of great films to choose from this year. Those years where it seems like a forgone conclusion are annoying.

Matthew 12 January 201417:35

The President of the Hollywood Foreign Press.

Matthew 12 January 201417:35

Heh, at least he has a sense of humour. Or something close to it anyway.

Matthew 12 January 201417:35

And kept it short and sweet.

Matthew 12 January 201417:36

Jonah Hill and Margot robbie from Wolf of Wall Street. This “wrong teleprompter thing is amusing.

Matthew 12 January 201417:37

Wolf of Wall Street needs to win best picture in it’s category.

Matthew 12 January 201417:38

Aaron Eckhart and Paula Patton presenting best actor on tv. Bryan Cranston right?

Matthew 12 January 201417:38

Oh wait, Kevin Spacey

Matthew 12 January 201417:38

Kevin Spacey, right guys?

Matthew 12 January 201417:38

It’d be amazing if it were James Spader though.

Matthew 12 January 201417:39

Bryan Cranston. Fifth win, 4th consecutive nomination, ok so that makes sense that he won.

Matthew 12 January 201417:40

He seems like such a nice guy, too.

Matthew 12 January 201417:41

Best TV Series – Drama. Difficult choice here. House of Cards?

Matthew 12 January 201417:41

Breaking Bad. Unsurprising. Not in a bad way, I was just really hoping for House of Cards.

Matthew 12 January 201417:44

Vince Gilligan: “Aaron Paul, you want to tell them how we feel?”

Aaron Paul: “YEAH BITCH!”

The look on his face was kinda priceless.

Matthew 12 January 201417:46

I don’t have cable so something I jsut noticed: American Hustle is being marketed as a comedy? Is that just since it got nominated on the “musical or comedy” side of the Globes?

Matthew 12 January 201417:47

Ok, commercials so let’s do a quick recap. Jennifer Lawrence is a solid win. Behind the Candelabra also great. Bryan Cranston/Breaking Bad are great and well deserving wins however I was pulling for House of Cards. Haven’t seen the other things that won so far because again, I don’t have cable.

Matthew 12 January 201417:48

Philomena is up for best picture. And the real Philomena is on stage. That’s actually pretty cool.

Matthew 12 January 201417:50

Best Score in an original motion picture. I am not sure if I can who wins here.

Matthew 12 January 201417:50

Alex Ebert for All is Lost. Amazing. The music is fantastic.

Matthew 12 January 201417:52

Alex Ebert: “Thanks for letting me try, all over your movie.”

Matthew 12 January 201417:52

They’re really serious about the time limit on speeches.

Matthew 12 January 201417:53

Best Original Song is going to be Let it Go, right? It kind of has to be.

Matthew 12 January 201417:54

Taylor Swift is nominated?

Matthew 12 January 201417:54

Bono/Edge/U2 win for Mandela. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Matthew 12 January 201417:55

Then again I kind of stopped loving U2 a long time ago.

Matthew 12 January 201417:55

But seriously I expected Disney to sweep the stuff they were nominated for.

Matthew 12 January 201418:02

Best Supporting Actor in a drama series. Corey Stoll, right?

Matthew 12 January 201418:03

John Voight? Really?

Matthew 12 January 201418:03

In a year with Corey Stoll AND Aaron Paul?

Matthew 12 January 201418:05

And they play off Jon Voight too.

Matthew 12 January 201418:05

Olivia Wilde is on stage to introduce Her. Awwww.

Matthew 12 January 201418:07

Side note: Scarlett Johansson not being eligible for acting nominations as Samantha in Her is fucking stupid.

Matthew 12 January 201418:07

I love Robert Downey. He gets to be an asshole and everyone loves him for it.

Matthew 12 January 201418:09

Best Actress in a Comedy movie. Amy Adams in American Hustle. So they are going to sweep, right?

Matthew 12 January 201418:09

I’m actually fine with them taking the acting awards as long as they don’t take best picture itself.

Matthew 12 January 201418:11

Remember the year that Titanic won best picture and director but As Good As It Gets won all the acting awards? I’m fine with that happening with Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle

Matthew 12 January 201418:14

Ok it’s been like 20 minutes and the one I’m still fuming about is U2 winning for best song. The most I think about it the more I remember that every U2 song sounds THE FUCKING SAME.

Matthew 12 January 201418:15

What the fuck is going on right now.

Matthew 12 January 201418:16

Amy Poehler as Tina Fey’s son is… weird.

Matthew 12 January 201418:17

Best Actor in a Drama Series now. I doubt I’ve seen much of this but how cool would it be for the girl whose name I can’t spell to win for Orphan Black?

Matthew 12 January 201418:17

But Robin Wright wins and that’s just fine.

Simon 12 January 201418:18


Simon 12 January 201418:18


Matthew 12 January 201418:18

She’s amazing in House of Cards

Matthew 12 January 201418:18

And Simon is here, apparently.

Simon 12 January 201418:18

Hello! Temporarily, I think. Miss anything?

Simon 12 January 201418:19

HAHA. Oh, Shia. What a grade-A arsehole.

Matthew 12 January 201418:20

You missed a few good wins and some utter bullshit. Business as usual.

Matthew 12 January 201418:20

Jim Carrey makes fun of Shia The Beef. Amazing.

Matthew 12 January 201418:20

Let me just reiterate: if American Hustle wins best picture over The Wolf of Wall Street? That’ll be the imitator winning over the original.

Matthew 12 January 201418:21

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

Matthew 12 January 201418:21

Will American Hustle win or will they give it to one of the other, better choices?

Matthew 12 January 201418:21


Simon 12 January 201418:22

Michael Fassbender not winning anything is automatically the incorrect descision.

Matthew 12 January 201418:23

So then. How does this line up the Oscars? Michael Fassbender is who I would have guessed. Then again he’s not playing a transgendered hooker with a heart of gold who happens to be dying of aids soooooooo……

Simon 12 January 201418:24

That’s certainly ticking most of the Oscar boxes.

Simon 12 January 201418:25

U2 won best song? Who were the competition, Crazy Frog?

Matthew 12 January 201418:26

It’ll be interesting to see how the 10 best actor nominees at the globes get paired down to 5 for the Oscars.

Matthew 12 January 201418:26

Yeah, U2 won best song. For the same song they always write.

Matthew 12 January 201418:28

Emma Thompson is holding a Martini and has her shoes off. This is the reason why I love the Globes.

Matthew 12 January 201418:28

Best Screenplay, eh?

Matthew 12 January 201418:29

Emma Thompson is either drunk as fuck or the best actress ever. Or both.

Simon 12 January 201418:29

Yay! Haven’t seen Her but I’m pretty sure it’s the most deserving winner.

Matthew 12 January 201418:29

Wooooooo SPIKE JONZE. I finally watched Her today. This was the right choice.

Matthew 12 January 201418:31

So the Globes have one screenplay award and the Oscars ahve two. So Her can win that and 12 Years a Slave or Wolf of Wall Street can win best adapted. It’s a good thing.

Matthew 12 January 201418:31

It’s amazing how much I think of the Globes just as Oscar precursors.

Matthew 12 January 201418:32

I still need to see Nebraska.

Simon 12 January 201418:34

You saw Her? Grr. Jealous.

Matthew 12 January 201418:34

“you can do stuff to us, we can do stuff to you, or we can do stuff to each other and you can watch.”

Matthew 12 January 201418:34

you never get people saying that kind of stuff at the Oscars.

Matthew 12 January 201418:34

WTF Andy Samberg won a golden globe just now. Or is that the LSD kicking in?

Simon 12 January 201418:35

Wait, did Andy Samburg just win a Golden Globe???

Matthew 12 January 201418:35

Andy Samberg. Won out over Jason Bateman. Who was the clear choice.

Simon 12 January 201418:35

Definitely LSD.

Matthew 12 January 201418:41

I haven’t seen any of the foreign films. This is a problem.

Matthew 12 January 201418:41

But there s a Myazaki film nominated sooooo OH WAIT IT DIDN’T WIN.

Matthew 12 January 201418:42


Matthew 12 January 201418:42

We’re just going to pretend that Miyazaki won.

Simon 12 January 201418:43


Matthew 12 January 201418:44

Melissa McCarthy is kind of hilarious, even when doing annoying bland comedy like this “she thinks she’s Matt Damon” bit.

Matthew 12 January 201418:45

So then, Michael Douglas or Matt Damon for Behind the Candelabra?

Matthew 12 January 201418:46

Michael Douglas. You know why? Because that film should be up for Oscars, and if it was up for Oscars he’d be the odds on favourite.

Matthew 12 January 201418:48

Wait why isn’t Steven Soderbergh up for something?

Matthew 12 January 201418:49

“The only reason [Matt Damon] isn’t up here is that I had more sequins.” — Michael Douglas.

Simon 12 January 201418:53

Frozen? Frozen!

Matthew 12 January 201418:53

The best animated film is Frozen. Disney is the Disney of animated movies again. Hooray!

Matthew 12 January 201418:55

I hate to admit that Ive yet to see Inside Llewyn Davis

Matthew 12 January 201418:56

Best Actress in the Comedy Series. Lena Dunham. Let it be Lena Dunham.

Matthew 12 January 201418:56

Or Amy Poehler. Is this the last time she’s gonna be eligible? Worth it to see her making out with Bono.

Matthew 12 January 201419:00

Oh look an ad for Robocop. One day I’d like to see a remake of a Verhoven movie that, you know, gets the fucking point.

Matthew 12 January 201419:02

Oh look! Emma Stone! Presenting the de Mille award. To Woody Allen. Amazing.

Matthew 12 January 201419:03

Maybe I should watch all 49 Woody Allen movies, one a night for 49 days. That’d be an undertaking.

Matthew 12 January 201419:07

49 as a writer/director, 74 written. Damn.

Matthew 12 January 201419:07

I do love how Diane Keaton rocks the suits.

Matthew 12 January 201419:08

I can’t tell if she’s talking nonsense or genius or both.

Simon 12 January 201419:12

And now I want to watch every Woody Allen movie. That montage really showed how much he loves women. Genius? Yep.

Matthew 12 January 201419:14

You can tell they are getting close to the best picture awards because there’s been about 14 minutes of commercials in the last 20 minutes.

Simon 12 January 201419:16

Oh, God. Gravity is an outstanding movie. Please win.

Matthew 12 January 201419:16

Gravity for Best Picture. I don’t think it’ll win, but it’d be terrible if it weren’t at least nominated.

Matthew 12 January 201419:17

Best Director. So many great choices. But please let it be Scorcese or McQueen.

Simon 12 January 201419:17

Alfonso Cuarian. COme on.

Simon 12 January 201419:17


Matthew 12 January 201419:17


Simon 12 January 201419:18

Scorcese will win at the Oscars, I think.

Matthew 12 January 201419:20


Matthew 12 January 201419:20

So please let Girls win best comedy series

Matthew 12 January 201419:21

as long as fucking Big Bang Theory loses.

Matthew 12 January 201419:21

Wait, so is Brooklyn 99 actually good? Am I missing out?

Matthew 12 January 201419:22

“This is way better than saving a human life.” Ha!

Matthew 12 January 201419:23

Promo for I, Frankenstein. That’s clearly going to be so bad it’s good, right? Right guys?


Simon 12 January 201419:25

It looks like it’s this year’s Underworld/Hansel and Gretel prerequisite. Which could be no bad thing if it’s done right.

Matthew 12 January 201419:25

Every time I sit down and watch cable TV I remember why I cancelled my cable.

Simon 12 January 201419:26

Commercial sidenote: at one point today my three-year-old boy was naked, shaking his manhood in the face of our dog, singing “YOU GOT THE TOUCH! YOU GOT THE POWER!” from Transformers.

Simon 12 January 201419:27

I’m such a proud daddy.

Matthew 12 January 201419:27

Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. Leonardo Di-Fucking-Caprio, right?

Matthew 12 January 201419:27


Matthew 12 January 201419:27

it’s about fucking time.

Simon 12 January 201419:27

YESYESYES! So glad Leo won. Totally deserved.

Matthew 12 January 201419:28

I love that Leo finally won, I also love that he’s being so totally classy about it.

Simon 12 January 201419:30

How does Reece eat a yoghurt?


Matthew 12 January 201419:30

With her spoon?

Simon 12 January 201419:31



Simon 12 January 201419:31

But, yes.

Matthew 12 January 201419:31

12 Years a Slave should win the best drama picture category. The rest of the movies are great, however few are so important.

Simon 12 January 201419:33

This is outdoing the Superbowl for commercial to event ratio. Yawn.

Matthew 12 January 201419:33

SSo. Many. Fucking. Commercials.

Simon 12 January 201419:36

Thor should totally be played as a stereotypical Australian. Much more entertaining.

Matthew 12 January 201419:37

“G;day mate, Oim the god a thunda!”

Matthew 12 January 201419:37

Best picture, Musical or Comedy. The Wolf of Wall Street. Or Her.

Matthew 12 January 201419:37

Or throw us all a curve and give it to Nebraska.

Matthew 12 January 201419:38


Matthew 12 January 201419:38

So. They gave the award to the pretender instead of the master. American Hustle.

Simon 12 January 201419:38

Wait, what?

Simon 12 January 201419:38


Matthew 12 January 201419:38

I actually really like American Hustle. However it’s just not as good a film.

Matthew 12 January 201419:39

So basically this is proof that the awards go to the feel good film over the culturally relevant one.

Simon 12 January 201419:40

I haven’t seen it, but would be amazingly surprised if it’s better than Wolf Of Wall Street.

Matthew 12 January 201419:41

There have been more commercials in the last 40 minutes than there were int he first 120 minutes of the show.

Simon 12 January 201419:41

How many commercials is too many commercials? THIS MANY COMMERCIALS. Just a total disconnect, there’s no way to enjoy the event itself. Stupid.

Simon 12 January 201419:44

I really want to see American Hustle now so I can be legitimately angry about Wolf Of Wall Street not winning.

Simon 12 January 201419:45

Come on, Sandy.

Matthew 12 January 201419:45

“And now like a supermodel’s vagina let’s all bid a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.” Almost worth the commercials to hear that line from Tina Fey.

Simon 12 January 201419:45


Matthew 12 January 201419:46

Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine. Another film I missed this year. Woody Allen too, making it doubly annoying I haven’t seen it.

Simon 12 January 201419:47

Does Woody Allen ever *not* make movies? Not that I’m complaining, obviously. He must be the most prolific director by a long shot.

Simon 12 January 201419:48

I’m not sure that I knew what Cate Blanchett’s real accent was. Interesting.

Matthew 12 January 201419:48

And Cue the music. Jebus guys just cut some of the commercials and let the people speak.

Matthew 12 January 201419:48

Best actor. Idris Elba for playing Mandela, or Chiwetel Ejiofor for Northup?

Matthew 12 January 201419:49

Or Matthew McConaughey. Holy shit. Did not expect that.

Matthew 12 January 201419:50

Chiwetel Ejiofor looks.. maybe not angry but not happy anyway.

Matthew 12 January 201419:51

Jebus H Christmas. 5 minutes of commercials between each of the last awards it seems.

Simon 12 January 201419:56

Call it Matt.

Matthew 12 January 201419:56

It’s 4 minutes to 8. That means they have 4 minutes to introduce a presenter, announce the nominees, give the award, have a speech, and show 20 more minutes of commercials.

Simon 12 January 201419:56

Winner, that is.

Matthew 12 January 201419:57

12 year a slave

Matthew 12 January 201419:57

Oh Look, it was 12 Years a Slave. The only choice.

Simon 12 January 201419:57

I think you probably did!

Matthew 12 January 201419:58

Seriously. It’s the only choice. I didn’t put it my personal top 10 but I honestly can’t remember why.

Simon 12 January 201419:58

I’ve worked with Chitwel, you know. Not that I’m taking any credit for his win, you understand. But there’s no such thing as coincidence.

Matthew 12 January 201419:59

Of course Simon, of Course.

Matthew 12 January 201419:59

Any parting thoughts?

Simon 12 January 201420:00

I really hated the saturation of the last hour. Hope the Oscars doesn’t pull the same shit.

Simon 12 January 201420:01

Also, I really need to catch up on many of last year’s movies.

Matthew 12 January 201420:01

they will.

Matthew 12 January 201420:03

Interesting though that 12 Years a Slave is the best picture of the year without having the best actors or directors or writers.

Simon 12 January 201420:07

Happy with the winners?

Matthew 12 January 201420:08

I guess that’s all I have for now. We’ll likely be discussing this on the next podcast so keep an eye out. Thanks for reading along with us!

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