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Awesome: Destiny Character Development Video

Posted by Matthew on March 29, 2013
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In case you weren’t aware, Bungie is working on a new game. In case you didn’t see it, here is a video they screened at GDC about developing their characters.

Damn this game looks good so far. I am holding out pretty high hopes for this one. I might be let down, but on the other hand it’s Bungie.

What do you guys think?

More info about the game here

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Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Posted by Matthew on March 28, 2013
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GI Joe Retaliation

My biggest problem with 2009s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was that it says just too generic. G.I. joe was always about colourful characters and ridiculous world domination plots and while it certainly had the latter it definitely lacked the former.

Retaliation fixes that first problem, mostly by casting Dwayne Johnson but also by adding Ry Stevenson and Jonathan Pryce. That’s not to say its perfect though, as it also adds Adrianne Palicki and D.J. Cotrona, the former of whom seems to phone in everything except her admittedly smoking hot body and the latter of which does pretty much precisely nothing except occasionally admire the formers admittedly smoking hot body.

Jonathan Pryce in particular has a ball playing Zartan playing the president, but it’s Johnson who anchors the film and he does a great job doing it. He’s perfectly suited to a movie that’s all about the action and explosions, not because he’s bad but because he buys in more than any of the other Joes that aren’t killed in the first reel. That would be a spoiler except that its in the trailer.

Channing Tatum is also nice to see and he has good chemistry with Johnson, and when Bruce Willis shows up he’s his usual Bruce Willisy self. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s not exactly extraordinary either.

The plot is pretty basic and picks up a few years after the last film ended. Zartan is still the president. Joes still fight the bad guys. Cobra still wants to take over the world. Many explosions ensue. Zartan has the Joes and attacked and the few that survive fight the good fight.

That’s pretty much literally it. This movie isn’t rocket science it’s a toy commercial, remember? Cobra takes over the White House after the Joes are eliminated and the proceed to try to take over the world. They come pretty close too, and even blow up London –also not a spoiler as it’s in the trailer, but what’s not in the trailer is that they’ve actually clearly targeted Birmingham on the map– which elicits … well, nothing really. It happens and then no one ever mentions it again.

Also, Snake Eyes is half way around the world for most of this and leads his own subplot for the first and second act. Yes, the nameless, faceless, silent guy is the main character in his own separate thing for most of the movie. Of course if this movie were trying to sell character development that’d be a problem but since it’s trying to sell ninjas fighting on mountains and men with guns blowing things up it’s not really a problem at all.

The film’s main problem then is that it’s not really tense. There’s no real feeling of peril in the film. Even with 99% of the Joes dying in the first act it never feels like any of them are ever in any real danger. It’s not boring either, the action is well executed, it just falls somewhere in between. There aren’t any real surprises except possibly what new cars and guns they are going to show up to the next scene in.

So that’s it really. G.I. Joe: Retaliation is not a bad film and if you like movies with explosions you could do a lot worse this weekend. For those of you who had the toys growing up you can rest easy that yes this at least looks and feels like a G.I. Joe movie which is a welcome change from the previous one. There are plot holes you could drive a tank through but when it comes right down to it? I had fun watching this movie and that’s all that really matters with a movie like this.

**Rating: 7/10 **

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Meet the Giant Robots of Pacific Rim **UPDATED** 2 More Added!

Posted by Matthew on March 28, 2013
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I’m rather looking forward to Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s giant robots vs. giant monsters movie but I hadn’t heard anything in a while. Then this week they’ve been releasing posters of the giant robots, the Jaegers, on facebook. Check it out after the jump.

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Get a Load of These New Iron Man Armours

Posted by Matthew on March 27, 2013
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So the wrost kept secret in the world is that in Iron Man 3 the newest and shiniest suit you’ve seen in all the posters and trailers is called “Mark XLVII” and that the reason for that is that Tony has built 40 new suits between the Mark VII seen in the Avengers and Iron Man 3.

Well, we’re starting to get a glipse of them thanks to the Iron Man Facebook Page

Here’s what we have so far:



Heartbreaker is my favourite so far, mostly because it looks so much like the suit from The Ultimates.

More after the jump.

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The Wolverine Trailer. It’s about time!

Posted by Matthew on March 27, 2013
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The Wolverine

Finally! A Trailer for The Wolverine:

Ok so we have Japan, getting his ass kicked, Logan kicking ass, and Logan fighting The Silver Samurai. Yup, I’m in.

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White House Down trailer. Didn’t I just see this?

Posted by Matthew on March 27, 2013
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White House Down

We just got finished with Olympus Has Fallen and we’ve already got trailers for the next “Die Hard in the White House” movie coming out this year, White House Down. At least this one, so far, looks good. The Trailers for Olympus Has Fallen never looked this good. Watch it now:

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Everything Wrong With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Posted by Matthew on March 26, 2013
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The Hobbit

CinemaSins is again poking holes in movies.

Man I wish the movie had been better.

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New Iron Man 3 TV Spot Confirms Pepper Wearing a Suit

Posted by Matthew on March 26, 2013
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Yeah, you read that right. There’s a new Iron Man TV Spot and Pepper is wearing the suit in it. Watch:

This is the first of the Iron Man 3 trailers to piss me off. This is pepper wearing the new armour (doesn’t look like her own) which means at some point she’s going to uit up and it’s probably going to be a surprise to her and it should be a surprise to us too. I’m sure there is more going on than just her wearing the suit and there’s a lot to be said for wondering “what’s she going to do in the suit??” but for myself I’d rather have been completely surprised by it.

Well, maybe not completely surprised since Pepper gets her own suit in the comics, but I’d rather have not known it was coming anyway.

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Matt Watches Bad Movies: Olympus Has fallen

Posted by Matthew on March 25, 2013
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Olympus Has Fallen

So I haven’t done one of these in a while and there is a reason for that: I’ve been (mostly) watching good movies.

This weekend though I went to the movies to see what looked like it might be an ok movie and turned out to be pretty terrible. Olympus Has fallen does have one thing going for it though, it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen all year.

For the record the answer is no, it very much is not meant to be.

Director Antoine Fuqua seems to have been trying to make “Die Hard In the White House” but unfortunately screen writers Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt used the Standard Book of Movie Cliches and the end result is unintentionally hilarious.

The film starts out with Gerard Butler starring as the best of the of the best and the most dedicated secret service agent in charge of President Aaron Eckhart’s security detail. He’s also the president’s best friend and the president’s sons best friend too. On their way to a fundraising dinner during a goddamned blizzard for some reason there’s an accident and the president’s wife is killed.

A year and a half later he’s been reassigned to the treasury and he wants back in bu tthe president won’t let him because he (understandably) doesn’t want to be reminded of his dead wife every day. Everyone and their dog goes out of their way to tell Gerard that “he made the right call”, he’s still “one of the best” and that “even the president knows that he made the right choice” in saving the president.

Oh yeah, the wife didn’t just die, she died because Gerard saved the president but not her.

Anyway, all hell breaks loose and Gerard manages to fight his way into the white house and after a long battle sequence he’s the only friendly left in the building. When he manages to make contact with the people in charge on the outside everyone who has just reassured him that they believe in him immediately responds by asking “HOW DO WE KNOW WE CAN TRUST THIS GUY?”

This is the point at which I started laughing.

I don’t even want to spoil this for you people so i am not going to. This is what I am going to tell you.

Remember how I ended up liking Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 because it finally struck the right balance of ridiculousness to make it funny instead of just terrible? This movie is like that. It’s not good by any stretch. In fact, it’s annoyingly “AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!” patriotic at times. However, I will list some of the cliches you’re going to see on screen:

  1. Wife dies in the prologue creating tension between protagonist and secondary lead
  2. One man against all the terrorists
  3. Bad guy leader slowly removes glasses to reveal he’s the bad guy leader
  4. Questioning the trustworthyness/reliability of character already pointed out to be trustworthy and reliable
  5. Character established as lazy and self interested turns out to be traitor.
  6. When traitor asked “why did you sell out your country?” responds with 3 minute rant about president selling out the country first.
  7. President instructs subordinates to not negotiate. Subordinates immediately negotiate.
  8. People in charge do not listen to intelligence on the ground from protagonist.
  9. People in charge informed bad guys have stolen new super weapon. People in charge shrug this information off.
  10. No one realizes that totally secure fail safe device can be easily hacked to destroy the world. And isn’t secure.
  11. Protagonist defeats leader of bad guys through sheer force of will despite bad guys lifetime of hand to hand combat training.
  12. Gutshot character walks, then runs, toward the ambulance waiting outside.
  13. Protagonists wife is waiting outside the white house despite being previously established as being too swamped to leave her job at hospital.

And this isn’t even all. Does anyone else remember how in the movie “MacGruber” MacGruber’s thing was “rippin’ throats”? Well, Gerard Butlers thing in this is stabbing skulls. Totally not kidding.

I have no idea how they ended up with the cast they did. Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Cole Hauser, Aaron Eckhart, Rick Yune, Robert Forster and Melissa Leo are all good actors with a lot of good work on their resumes. The script must have been amazing, or they must have been paid a boat load of money, because the result is just terrible, but it is almost worth seeing because it’s so gloriously, hilariously bad.

**Rating: 4/10 (for America)

Matt Watches Bad Movies is a feature in which Matt watches a bad film so you don’t have to. If you have suggestions of something terrible you’ve seen, or haven’t seen but are morbidly curious about, feel free to tell me about it in the comments or via twitter @posterboy81

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Awesome New Ender’s Game Poster Heads for the Battle Room

Posted by Matthew on March 25, 2013
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Yahoo Movies has a new Ender’s Game poster and it’s freaking awesome.

Ender's Game

If you’ve read the books (or the title of this post) you know where this is. Ender is at the door to the battle room, the zero garv training room that Battle School uses to train recruits. I seriously can’t wait to see this in real life.

Fansite Ender’s Ansible has a breakdown on some of the details of the poster but be warned that it’s a bit spoilery if you haven;t read the books.

Ender’s game is set to release 1st November.

Now, which way is the enemy’s gate??

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Something For The Weekend? Ten Cheap Thrills For Your Console

Posted by Simon on March 23, 2013
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With this console generation now entering into its final stage before the new boys arrive at Christmas, many games stores have bargain bins stuffed full of older treasures, the kind of AA titles that largely get ignored in the rush to consume the latest and greatest killing simulators. However, there’s some genuinely fun times to be had for the price of a pint (or mocha latte frappuccino, Vancouver). So, if you’re looking for some cheap fun this weekend, here’s a list of ten titles that will definitely provide value for money:


Red Faction Guerrilla – Xbox 360, PS3

The original Red Faction is one of my favourite PS2 first-person shooters and Guerrilla carries on the themes with great flair. Shifting into a third-person viewpoint, you’re tasked with exploring an open-world Mars colony, bringing down the oppressive government one grunt at a time. The draw here is that every building and structure is constructed with hundreds of destructible pieces, meaning mayhem has never been this precise (or fun). The devs actually had to hire a building engineer to advise them, and rumble as a building finally twitches and falls is incredibly satisfying. The story takes to time to open up, but stick with it and you’ll be jetpacking round, jumping trucks into hostage-filled buildings, and having more fun with timed charges than you’s care to admit.



Too Human – Xbox 360

Silicon Knights may have imploded with the strength of their own pretence, but this highly divisive game shows many of their strengths at full force. Set in a version of high-tech version of the Thor myth, it’s a weird mix of Diablo and a beat-em-up, with all the combat moves mapped to the right stick. It definitely takes some time to get used to, but once it clicks, it’s smooth and responsive. Levels are huge – and slightly repetitive – but the stroke of genius is how loot is constantly thrown at you, teasing you with level requirements and promises of heightened smashing. Stick with it and you could be surprised at how much it intrigues you.



Mirror’s Edge – Xbox 360, PS3

In 2008, EA publicly stated that they were staking a chance on new IP, leading to Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space being released in the same year. Seems a long way away from the corporate-focused EA of 2013. The first game to genuinely capture the feel of running over the tops of skyscrapers, DICE’s experimental title is notable for it’s architectural beauty. Full of clean edges and bright colour highlights, the dystopian city that acts as parkour playgroup for protagonist Faith is still one of the best seen in videogames. This game will frustrate you, mainly as it’s no-guns focus fails as you have to evade groups of armed soldiers, but once you understand that it’s actually a racing game it falls into place nicely. Try it out.



Blur – Xbox 360, PS3

Straight to the point – Bizarre Creations’ Blur is the best arcade racer of this generation. Its mix of real-life cars and Mario Kart style power-ups was an uneasy mix for buyers, and Activision completely messed up its promotion, so it actually lead to the closure of the best racing dev team in the business. However, just play the thing and you’l be instantly blown away at its speed and ferocious energy. Please, just buy this game, and dream what a sequel might have been.



Crackdown – Xbox 360

Still one of the best open-world games you can buy, Crackdown made full use of the (then) new machine’s capabilities with tons of special effects and glorious carnage. Playing as a futuristic policeman in a city controlled by gangs, every kill (and shiny collectable sphere) slowly leads to the unlock of new powers, cars targets. It’s a wonderful fantasy, leaping between buildings taking out the various gang members, leaders and bosses to secure the area. All of the action is underpinned by a faceless narrator who turns out to be central to a really satisfying endgame twist. Brilliant, and so much better than its sequel. Buy.



Stuntman: Ignition – Xbox 360, PS3

How do you like taking orders? Really, most gaming involves the player acting out the every whim of some controlling force, but in Stuntman: Ignition it’s a selection of unhinged film directors pushing you around in a variety of high-speed vehicles. Each level is based on a B-Movie stereotype, so you might be jumping out of a multi-story car park as a volcano explodes or skidding sideways between missiles in a high-tech spy car. Instructions are given on the fly, requiring quick reactions and a good memory for when the inevitable crash-out happens. Tie this into a scoring systems and you’ve got a unique racing experience that quickly become addictive.



X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Xbox 360, PS3

Released to coincide with the awful, awful movie, Wolverine stands out thanks to its completely different approach to the character. Instead of Jackman’s forlorn brooder, we get to play as a Wolverine who’s far closer to the source material. This means it is gory, aggressive and unapologetically brutal from the off, and all the better for it. The level design and campaign as predictable and linear, but the move set is where Wolverine shines. The primary single slash moves are enjoyable enough, but by the halfway point you’ll have unlocks a vicious array of jump attacks that rewards pure aggression. It’s not a hugely long game either, but that is a positive in my book, and leaves you with nothing but happy thoughts of how a Wolverine story should play out.



Tomb Raider Legend – Xbox 360, PS3

Enjoying the new Tomb Raider? Me too, hugely. However, there’s no denying that it has taken a gritty direction away from the source material, and Crystal Dynamics’ first Lara Croft adventure is a good place to recapture that old spirit. Pretty and involving, snappy and inventive, it’s still too combat heavy but worth experiencing for the moments of grandeur. Also, Keeley Hawes’ vocal performance as Lara is perfectly realised, capturing her attitude and bravado throughout. Go and explore.



Heavenly Sword – PS3

Poor Heavenly Sword. Derided at the launch of the PS3 for being short and uninspiring, I found it to be the perfect example of how this generation can create experiences akin to interactive movies. Protagonist Nariko is beautiful and deadly, wielding the titular weapon to bring down her foes as it slowly consumes her soul. The graphics and facial animation are stunning and the fighting systems, while limited, offeres many options for focused, intense combat. But the end, there’s a good chance you might love this game as much as I do, so give it a try.



Singularity – Xbox 360, PS3

Thrown unceremoniously onto shelves without any fanfare from Activision (see the running theme here?), Singularity didn’t make any kind of dent and was really one of the last AA games to have any money thrown at it. However, play it and you’ll experience one of the most inventive and enjoyable shooters of this generation. Revolving around time trave and a protagonist attempting to rectify his own mistakes, the story locks you in tight spaces and gives you some wonderful weaponry to dispatch the varied enemies. The excellent twist at the end is just the icing on the cake and leaves you wondering how a game like this could ever fail.





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Hummingbird Trailer Has Jason Statham doing what Jason Statham Does Best

Posted by Matthew on March 22, 2013
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Have you seen that Jason Statham movie where he’s a bad guy with a good heart? Yeah, so have I, but this one seems to be a bit different. Check it out.

Can’t quite put my finger on what’s different. Maybe it’s that he starts with nothing and we get to see all the context? Or maybe it’s just been too long since Jason Statham made a proper Jason Statham movie.

This one comes out May 17th in the UK, no release date for this side of the pond just yet.

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Riddick Teaser Isn’t Afraid of the Dark or Repeating Plots

Posted by Matthew on March 22, 2013
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So Riddick is actually happening. Here’s a teaser.

I loved Pitch Black and I liked Chronicles of Riddick so i am holding out a hope that this turns out ok. However, a teaser that doesn’t show much a repeat of the characters most famous line isn’t exactly going very far to convince me.

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Awesome: Robert Redford in Talks to Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Posted by Matthew on March 22, 2013
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Robert Redford

Mike Fleming Jr. Writing for Deadline:

EXCLUSIVE: Here is a fun Marvel scoop. I’m hearing that Robert Redford is in discussions to join the cast of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the sequel that brings Chris Evans back as the shield-carrying superhero. Redford is in talks to play a senior leadership role in S.H.I.E.L.D., the superhero collective run by Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury character.

Please let this be true. Redford would make an amazing addition to the film and the MCU. No word on who he’d be playing specifically but it’s sounding like Nick Fury might be subbordinate to him (as in, he might be one of the council members as seen in Avengers 2). My favourite theory so far though is thathe might turn out to be original Nick Fury and that Nick Fury is just a codename that Samuel L Jackson’s character currently happens to have. Hey, it could happen.

Word is that if he signs Redford will sign a Marvel standard contract which means he’d be showing up in any/all future marvel films too.

As everyone else is pointing out, that’s great, but also kind of ironic for the guy who founded the biggest indie film festival there is to become a regular player in some of the biggest blockbusters of the next few years.

Either way, I’m excited to see this happen.

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New Trance Trailer, Complete with Dubstep and Danny Boyle

Posted by Matthew on March 22, 2013
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So Danny Boyle made a new film, and in case you had any doubt here’s a trailer.

I love that this trailer references Shallow Grave, a film that appears to be simiilarly in the “people trying to screw each other over whilst being slightly crazy” genre. If anyone can spin that yarn it’s Danny Boyle. That it’s full of great actors doesn’t exactly hurt either.

I still wish I’d known about this before I’d written my ‘most anticipated of the year‘ post.

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