85th Annual Academy Awards Live Blog and Results

Posted by Matthew on February 24, 2013
Live Blog

85th Academy Awards

Howdy folks. Watch here for all our thoughts on the Oscars tonight! Newest updates at the top, and I’ll update with a winners list as we go.


  • Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor
  • Paperman for Best Animated Short
  • Brave for Best Animated Feature
  • Claudio Miranda for Life of Pie for Best Cinematography
  • Life of Pi for Best Visual Effects
  • Anna Karenina for Best Costume Design
  • Les Miserables for Best Makeup
  • Curfew for Best Live Action Short
  • Inocente for Best Documentary Short
  • Searching for Sugarman for Best Documentary Feature.
  • Amour for Best Foreign Language Film
  • Les Miserables for Best Sound Mixing
  • Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall tie for Best Sound Editing.
  • Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress
  • Argo for Best Film Editing
  • Lincoln for Best Production Design
  • Life of Pi for Best Original Score
  • Skyfall for Best Original Song
  • Chris Terrio for Argo for Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained for Best Original Screenplay
  • Ang Lee for Best Director
  • Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress
  • Daniel Day Lewis for Best Actor
  • Argo for Best Picture
Simon 24 February 201317:18

Good evening! You join us just as I comment on Anne Hathaway’s prominent nipples.

Matthew 24 February 201317:18

Ok we’re set up and ready to go. The show starts in just a few mintues!

Simon 24 February 201317:18

Matt’s pretty sure it’s the cut of the fabric. We’re ridiculously rock ‘n’ roll.

Simon 24 February 201317:24

Renne Zelwegger looks a bit…zombie. Just a touch.

Matthew 24 February 201317:25

So they’ve run out of people to talk to and are showing us backstage. Maybe that bodes well for how long the show will run.

Simon 24 February 201317:25

Note: names will be spelt entirely incorrectly, except when I guess it right first time.

Matthew 24 February 201317:30

Show starting!

Simon 24 February 201317:30

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re off!

Matthew 24 February 201317:30

Here’s hoping Seth McFarlane is hilarious and not just safe.

Simon 24 February 201317:31

Who saw Argo? My wife, today. Verdict: “Fantastic!”

Matthew 24 February 201317:32

“The director or Argo is unknown to the Academy.” Ha!

Matthew 24 February 201317:33

“Jean DuJarden won last year and now he’s everywhere! no, seriously, its an age old Hollywood story: he couldn’t make in the talkies.”

Matthew 24 February 201317:34

Ok, I am on board with Seth McFarlane.

Simon 24 February 201317:34

I’ll always support anti Chris Brown jokes.

Simon 24 February 201317:35

The two magic words: Jennifer Lawrence.

Matthew 24 February 201317:35

“A lot of controversy in the use of the n-word in Django Unchained. I hear its based on Mel Gibson’s voice mails.”

Simon 24 February 201317:35

Holy shit Jennifer Lawrence.

Simon 24 February 201317:35


Matthew 24 February 201317:35


Matthew 24 February 201317:39

Captain Kirk brought a recording of Seth McFarlane is singing a song called “We Saw Your Boobs” from the future. Kind of amazing.

Simon 24 February 201317:39


Matthew 24 February 201317:40

Seth McFarlane can sing. And Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron can dance!

Simon 24 February 201317:40

My wife’s Channing Tatum alert is a few seconds slow tonight.

Matthew 24 February 201317:40

Simon’s wife just wondered out loud why Channing Tatum wasn’t naked during that dance routine.

Simon 24 February 201317:41

I’d totally watch the sock puppet version of Flight.

Matthew 24 February 201317:42

I also would totally watch the sock puppet version of Flight.

Simon 24 February 201317:42

Oh dear God, ovaries exploding all round now.

Matthew 24 February 201317:45

Joseph Gordan Leavitt and Daniel Radcliffe. Fun!

Matthew 24 February 201317:46

Simon just asked me if seeing William Shatner dressed as Captain Kirk is for me what seeing Harrison Ford dressed as Han Solo again would be for him. The answer is, of course, yes.

Matthew 24 February 201317:47

Simon’s wife just mentioned again, minutes later, that Channing Tatum is wearing to much clothing. I sense a theme.

Matthew 24 February 201317:48

Best Supporting Actor time. Here we go.

Simon 24 February 201317:48

Channing and I are practically twins, that’s the problem.

Simon 24 February 201317:48

I’d like De Niro to win, just for the old days.

Matthew 24 February 201317:49

This really is an impressive list of nominees.

Matthew 24 February 201317:50

What the hell? Christoph Waltz???

Simon 24 February 201317:50

Surprise Christophe Waltz win! Nice.

Matthew 24 February 201317:50

I mean, Waltz is amazing, but did not expect that at all.

Matthew 24 February 201317:51

and I’m zero for one so far. Dammit!

Simon 24 February 201317:53

I really thought De Niro would get it. His last was thirty-odd years ago. Waltz was amazing in Django, though.

Simon 24 February 201317:55

Good opening by Seth.

Matthew 24 February 201317:55

I really did think that Philip Seymour Hoffman would get it if Jones didn’t. So much for shaming the Academy for not nominating The Master.

Simon 24 February 201317:56

Paul Rudd is amazing.

Matthew 24 February 201317:57

Paul Rudd is amazing. Melissa McCarthy is amazing. They are falling pretty flat on this voice bit they are doing.

Matthew 24 February 201317:57

Best Animated Short. Come on Paperman!!

Matthew 24 February 201317:58


Simon 24 February 201317:58

I’ve only seen a few clips of Paperman but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Good win.

Matthew 24 February 201317:59

Best Animated Film. I have no strong feelings on this one.

Matthew 24 February 201317:59


Simon 24 February 201318:00

Not seen Brave either.

Simon 24 February 201318:00

With a spoon ahaha

Simon 24 February 201318:01

Sorry, she always reminds me of the punchline

Simon 24 February 201318:01

“The American Dream is still a foot”

Simon 24 February 201318:03

I did not like the Life Of Pi book. Twist at the end spoiled it. I wonder if the movie does it too.

Matthew 24 February 201318:03

First nominees for best film. Les Miserables, Life of Pie, and Beasts of a Southern Wild.

Simon 24 February 201318:03

Really want to see Beasts Of The Southern Wild.

Matthew 24 February 201318:03

You know the films they chose are all gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Simon 24 February 201318:03

I’d also really watch “Life Of Pie”

Matthew 24 February 201318:04

Sorry, was thinking of a documentary on deserts I watched.

Simon 24 February 201318:05


Matthew 24 February 201318:07

You know, The Avengers really could have been a best film nominee.

Simon 24 February 201318:07

Skyfall, please

Matthew 24 February 201318:07


Simon 24 February 201318:07

Life Of Pi for Cinematography.

Matthew 24 February 201318:07

Life of Pi was pretty gorgeous. In fact, that’s its main redeeming quality.

Simon 24 February 201318:08

Life of Pi award accepted by Vigo The Destroyer.

Matthew 24 February 201318:09

I’m going to put it out there that The Avengers score could have been nominated.

Simon 24 February 201318:10

Visual Effects? Life of Pi!

Simon 24 February 201318:11

Played off by the Jaws theme!

Matthew 24 February 201318:11

Damn. Life of Pie for best visual effects. I’m only one for four so far.

Matthew 24 February 201318:12

Ok, I’m just going to say that playing people making long speeches with the Jaws theme is kind of inspired.

Matthew 24 February 201318:15

So. Roger Deakins? Fucking robbed. Life of Pie is basically animated. The majority of it is green screened. I’m not sure how it can even qualify for best cinematography in that context.

Simon 24 February 201318:16

The Channing Tatum magnet is strong in this house.

Simon 24 February 201318:18

I’ve always thought it strange that people are even remotely interested in the actors. They’re just the storytellers. The good writers and directors are the real stars.

Matthew 24 February 201318:18

Anna Kareninininina wins for best costume design. Why is it that that movie didn’t do well? is it bad? or is it just too arty? or ?

Simon 24 February 201318:20

Parenting. Brb.

Matthew 24 February 201318:21

So Les Miserables wins for Best Makeup and Hair. My question: HOW THE HELL WAS CLOUD ATLAS NOT NOMINATED???

Matthew 24 February 201318:22

50 years of James Bond. This outta be good.

Matthew 24 February 201318:22

Halle Berry just turned “Pussy Galore” into a multiple entendre. A bit obvious but still amusing.

Simon 24 February 201318:23

I do love James Bond.

Simon 24 February 201318:23

The best? Timothy Dalton.

Matthew 24 February 201318:23

The Best? James Bond.

Matthew 24 February 201318:24

I’m going to be a bit disappointed if this tribute is just a pre-recorded extended music video.

Matthew 24 February 201318:24


Matthew 24 February 201318:25


Simon 24 February 201318:25

Shirley Bassey’s flesh-coloured dress top makes it look like she has mannequin arms.

Matthew 24 February 201318:25

who else is going to sing? Besides Adele that is.

Matthew 24 February 201318:27

What are the odds that we’re going to see Paul McCartney sing Live and Let Die?

Simon 24 February 201318:27

Oh, please, yes.

Matthew 24 February 201318:29

That James Bond thing should have gone on longer. Shirley Bassey was great and all but there was so much more they could have done!

Matthew 24 February 201318:31

Quoting my friend Kat regarding Shirley Bassey:

Matthew 24 February 201318:32

So I’m batting .200 with my picks right now. Here’s hoping that improves.

Simon 24 February 201318:33

Live Action Short now.

Matthew 24 February 201318:34

Best Live Action Short is Curfew. Haven’t seen it. Will have to now.

Simon 24 February 201318:34

He’s only going to get about twenty second before Jaws.

Matthew 24 February 201318:35

Best Documentary Short. I wish there was an easier way to see short films.

Matthew 24 February 201318:36

Inocente. Again, wish there was an easier way to see short films.

Matthew 24 February 201318:37

Liam Neeson is “the definition of a modern American superhero”. Has no one told anyone that he’s Irish?

Simon 24 February 201318:38


Matthew 24 February 201318:39

Three more best film nominees: Argo, Lincoln, and Zero Dark Thirty

Matthew 24 February 201318:41

These montages are pretty masterful.

Simon 24 February 201318:42

A Ben Affleck Gigi joke!

Matthew 24 February 201318:43

Ben Affleck is here to present Best Documentary. A good director presenting a directors award. Good idea.

Matthew 24 February 201318:44

Mark my words, Ben Affleck is going to be remembered as a director. He’s 3 for 3.

Matthew 24 February 201318:46

“Coming up: the cast of Prometheus explains what the hell was going on in Prometheus.” Seth McFarlane’s jokes are pretty obvious in hindsight, but ifeel like his delivery is far and away better than anyone from recent memory.

Matthew 24 February 201318:48

All these TV spots for Oz the Great and Powerful are doing a much better job of selling the movie than the trailers have done so far.

Matthew 24 February 201318:50

Best foreign language film is up next. I have no idea who will win.

Simon 24 February 201318:50

I love Jennifer Garner.

Matthew 24 February 201318:51

Ok War Witch is Canadian so I automatically root for it

Matthew 24 February 201318:52

amour wins Best Foreign Language Film. So that’s one out of the running for Best Picture.

Matthew 24 February 201318:53

John Travolta is on stage talking about musicals. Also his hair looks impossible.

Simon 24 February 201318:54

Big ensemble musical number time!

Matthew 24 February 201318:54

Ok looks like we’re getting a big song and dance number.

Simon 24 February 201318:54


Matthew 24 February 201318:54

Catherine Zeta Jones is about to sing All That Jazz. Excellent.

Simon 24 February 201318:55

I love Welsh valley girls.

Simon 24 February 201318:56

She’s doing a great job singing live, to be fair.

Matthew 24 February 201318:57

Much respect for people who can sing in real life.

Matthew 24 February 201318:58

Damn Jennifer Hudson looks great.

Matthew 24 February 201318:58

Nothing like a singer who clearly loves singing. She’s glowing.

Simon 24 February 201318:59

So, Jennifer Hudson can sang live too.

Simon 24 February 201318:59

She can sang good.

Simon 24 February 201319:04

Holy shit. Amazing.

Matthew 24 February 201319:04

The music of Les Mis is pretty damn powerful, to be fair.

Matthew 24 February 201319:05

Having the whole cast sing it was pretty amazing too.

Matthew 24 February 201319:05

Russell Crowe takes a lot of shit for his singing in Les Mis but you know what people? He’s not bad at all.

Matthew 24 February 201319:10

I’m glad that they tell me about the technical awards. Am I the only one?

Matthew 24 February 201319:10


Matthew 24 February 201319:12

Sound Mixing up next. No idea what to expect.

Matthew 24 February 201319:13

Les Miserables for sound mixing. Given the live singing aspect, this makes a lot of sense.

Matthew 24 February 201319:14

Sound editing time. Again, no idea what to expect.

Matthew 24 February 201319:15

Mark Wahlberg: “No BS, we have a tie.”

Matthew 24 February 201319:15

Zero Dark Thirty gets one….

Matthew 24 February 201319:16

Vigo the Destroyer is back on stage.

Matthew 24 February 201319:16


Matthew 24 February 201319:19

Seth McFarlane is calling the family von trap on stage. And a Nazi just told us they are gone. Slightly out of the blue, but hilarious.

Matthew 24 February 201319:19

Christopher Plummer on stage. Canadian Treasure.

Matthew 24 February 201319:20

Best Supporting Actress time!

Matthew 24 February 201319:22

Question: Will this be the big upset of the night?

Matthew 24 February 201319:23

Nope. Anne Hathaway takes it.

Matthew 24 February 201319:29

so I’m batting .333 now. Better.

Matthew 24 February 201319:30

Presidents speech time. He’s announcing a film museum And I thought that there wasn’t anything that would make me want to go back to LA.

Matthew 24 February 201319:31

“Thats a good idea, a bunch of co-eds, producers and an open bar. Great one.” Seth keeps hitting gold.

Simon 24 February 201319:32

Always time for Sandra Bullock. Dream a dream of Reeves/Bullock Speed 3.

Matthew 24 February 201319:32

Best Film Editing. Again, where is Cloud Atlas on this list?

Simon 24 February 201319:33

That’s a great point about Cloud Atlas.

Matthew 24 February 201319:33

Argo for best Film Editing. Good.

Simon 24 February 201319:34

Regardless of how you feel about the story, it was an editing masterpiece.

Simon 24 February 201319:34

Cloud Atlas, that is. Not seen Argo yet.

Simon 24 February 201319:34

Oooooh Jennifer Lawrence!

Simon 24 February 201319:34

That voice is like a duvet.

Matthew 24 February 201319:35

OH HELLO JENNIFER LAWRENCE. Also she’s introducing Adele to sing Skyfall.

Simon 24 February 201319:35

(In a good way)

Matthew 24 February 201319:35

Man Skyfall is an amazing song.

Simon 24 February 201319:37

Love this song. But still think it should been Lana Del Rey’s.

Matthew 24 February 201319:38

Adele is properly gorgeous.

Simon 24 February 201319:39

As an Englishman, it confuses me as to why Adele’s singing accent is so completely different from her spoken one.

Matthew 24 February 201319:42

So it’s the fiftieth year of Bond. we’ve had Adele sing Skyfall, we’ve had Shirley Bassey sing Goldfinger, and we’ve had a video presentation.

So where are all the Bond actors and why aren’t they on stage?

Matthew 24 February 201319:43

Just thinking on winners from the evening and wondering why Life of Pi won cinematography when it’s animated.

Matthew 24 February 201319:43

Nicole Kidman lookin’ fine.

Simon 24 February 201319:44

I forget that Nicole Kidman is properly Australian.

Matthew 24 February 201319:45

Last three nominees: Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained, and Amour. These montage trailer things they’ve made are great.

Simon 24 February 201319:46

Django is amazing.

Matthew 24 February 201319:48

You know why Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart walked out to the Harry Potter theme? Can you remember the Twilight theme?

That’s why.

Matthew 24 February 201319:48

Production design award time.

Matthew 24 February 201319:49

Lincoln for Production design. Yup.

Simon 24 February 201319:51

Salma Hayek never, ever looks less than smoking.

Matthew 24 February 201319:51

Salma Hayek occasionally only smolders.

Matthew 24 February 201319:55

Honorary Oscars. Hal Needham gets one. There really should be a category for stuntmen/stunt coordinators, even if it’s a technical award.

Simon 24 February 201319:57

George Clooney: the TV actor that now epitomises Hollywood.

Matthew 24 February 201319:57

In Memoriam time.

Matthew 24 February 201319:58

Ernest Borgnine! Hal McQuarrie! Michael Clarke Duncan! Charles Durning! damn.

Matthew 24 February 201319:59

Tony Scott.

Matthew 24 February 201320:00

Nora Ephron? Don’t remember hearing about that this year.

Matthew 24 February 201320:00

Ray Bradbury too?

Simon 24 February 201320:03

So, yeah, Barbara Streisand provides this year’s introspection.

Matthew 24 February 201320:04
Matthew 24 February 201320:06

So a tiny bit of research reveals the following about ties at the Oscars:


Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty tied for the Academy Award in Best Sound Editing. This was only the third tie vote in the history of the Academy, which resulted in two awards being presented. The Oscars were presented to both Per Hallberg for Skyfall and Karen Baker Landers and Paul N. J. Ottosson for Zero Dark Thirty. The other ties were for the 1968 Best Actress Award, which went to both Katherine Hepburn in The Lion In Winter and Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl and the 1931 Best Actor Award, when Oscars were awarded to both Frederick March in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Wallace Beery in The Champ.
Matthew 24 February 201320:09

Best original score time! Come on Skyfall!

Simon 24 February 201320:10

Come on…

Matthew 24 February 201320:10

Goddammit why does Life of Pi keep winning? ugh.

Simon 24 February 201320:10

Bah. Life Of Pi again, for Score. Wanted Skyfall.

Simon 24 February 201320:12

Best Original Song now. Skyfall’s got to get this one.

Matthew 24 February 201320:12

Why do I get the feeling that the new song they wrote for Les Mis is going to win the Oscar for best song?

Matthew 24 February 201320:14

Ok, if Skyfall doesn’t get original song? Let it be “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” from Ted.

Simon 24 February 201320:15

More Norah Jones, please. At all times.

Simon 24 February 201320:16

Skyfall! Nice. Great song.

Matthew 24 February 201320:16

Yes! Skyfall. So I’m 3 for 8 now. Ugh what a terrible record.

Matthew 24 February 201320:17

It’s amazing how Adele singing and Adele speaking seem to be from different parts of England.

Matthew 24 February 201320:20

Here’s a question: Where was Cloud Atlas on the Best Score list? Honestly!

Matthew 24 February 201320:23

Screenplay time!

Simon 24 February 201320:23

Dustin Hoffman is proof that acting used to be only, purely based on talent. Not height.

Matthew 24 February 201320:24

Life of Pi better not win this one.

Simon 24 February 201320:24


Matthew 24 February 201320:24

Aaaaaand I’m 3 for 9.

Matthew 24 February 201320:25

You know in baseball if you’re batting .333 that’s a good thing.

Simon 24 February 201320:26

Best original Screenplay? Django, surely?

Simon 24 February 201320:26


Matthew 24 February 201320:27

Like I said before, Tarantino knows how to write. If he was going to win one award it would have to be this one.

Matthew 24 February 201320:28

Nice to call out the actors as amazing, too.

Simon 24 February 201320:28

I love Tarantino, and Jackie Brown is a terrible movie. Both of those things exist at the same time.

Matthew 24 February 201320:28

Especially since they all were amazing but only one was nominated.

Matthew 24 February 201320:32


Simon 24 February 201320:32

Yeah, Hulk. That, exactly.

Matthew 24 February 201320:33

Here’s a question: they’d they let Anne Hathaway talk her face off but they started playing off Tarantino after roughly ten seconds?

Matthew 24 February 201320:33

Michael Douglas is just a younger clone of Kirk Douglas right?

Matthew 24 February 201320:33

Best Director time!

Simon 24 February 201320:34

It’s uncanny how age is slowly chiselling Michael Douglas into Kirk.

Matthew 24 February 201320:34


Simon 24 February 201320:34

Ang Lee as Best Director? Over Spielberg? YeahOKthensure.

Simon 24 February 201320:35

I need to see Life Of Pi so I can be outraged. For now, I’ll just base it on Hulk 2.

Matthew 24 February 201320:35

Technically I can see why Ang Lee would win this. Technically it’s a well directed film. Technically, there were other better directed films this year.

Matthew 24 February 201320:38
Simon 24 February 201320:41

Come on. Jennifer Lawrence time.

Matthew 24 February 201320:42

Best Actress time.

Matthew 24 February 201320:43

Sooo Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain?

Matthew 24 February 201320:43

Jennifer Lawrence!

Simon 24 February 201320:43

Yaaaay! Alright, Jen. Alright.

Simon 24 February 201320:44

That back.

Simon 24 February 201320:45

Jennifer lawrence is my Channing Tatum. Now if she’d just do a movie where she’s a stripper, that would be great, thanks.

Simon 24 February 201320:46

Best Actor now. Daniel Day Lewis? Hugh Jackman maybe?

Matthew 24 February 201320:46

I’m 5 for 11 so far. Let’s see who takes Best Actor

Matthew 24 February 201320:48

Daniel Day Lewis? Holy crap that’s awesome!

Simon 24 February 201320:48

Daniel Day Lewis. Predictable. He’s a fine actor.

Matthew 24 February 201320:49

I mean, I picked wrong, but I honestly didn’t expect him to win even though he was playing Americas most beloved president during the time he passed the amendment to abolish slavery…..

oh wait.

Matthew 24 February 201320:50

The amount of time people get to give their speech has been quite… variable.

Simon 24 February 201320:51

It’s funny how someone who is known for absorbing powerhouse acting is a little shy and awkward in real life.

Matthew 24 February 201320:51

Other things worth noting: the clip they showed from Flight totally spoiled the end of the movie, and I didn’t see Meryl open the envelope.

Simon 24 February 201320:51

Although I’ll be the first to tell you that acting is a lie to yourself.

Matthew 24 February 201320:52

Oh Jack. Coolest man on the planet.

Matthew 24 February 201320:53

Wait, Michelle Obama is introducing the best picture award? huh. The Obamas really get PR don’t they.

Simon 24 February 201320:54

Best Picture now. Argo, I think.

Simon 24 February 201320:55

Django would be great, though. And it’s the only one I’ve seen.

Matthew 24 February 201320:55

Best picture and all I can think is “not life of pi, not life of pi”

Simon 24 February 201320:55


Matthew 24 February 201320:55


Simon 24 February 201320:56

I’m really glad Ben Affleck is turning into something special as a Director. I like him.

Matthew 24 February 201320:58

I am loving Grant Hezlov talking up Ben Affleck as the director. It’s a serious snub he wasn’t nominated.

Matthew 24 February 201320:59

Ben Affleck is clearly flustered and emotional. Amazing!

Matthew 24 February 201321:00

Affleck is clearly giving his best director speech. He should have given this speech 5 minutes ago instead of Ang Lee.

Simon 24 February 201321:00

Great speech, Ben. Best of the night.

Simon 24 February 201321:03

Ouch. Last song falling on its face a little.

Simon 24 February 201321:04

Actually, a lot of the humour just hasn’t worked tonight. Shows how important a good scriptwriter is.

Simon 24 February 201321:05

And that’s it. A safe year, but you’d be naive to expect the Oscars to be anything else, I suppose.

Matthew 24 February 201321:05

Would someone be so kind as to explain the appeal of Kristin Chenowith to me?

Matthew 24 February 201321:06

Well that’s it. I went 6 for 12. 50% ain’t bad I suppose.

Simon 24 February 201321:07

So, that’s it. Thanks for sitting through it with us! Glad Ben got his chunk of gold. And Jennifer Lawrence made me happy. Goodnight!

Matthew 24 February 201321:08

Thanks for watching with us folks. Have a lovely night. We might follow up later in the week if the mood takes us. The gist of that would basically be “Life of Pi won too much, Ben Affleck is Classy, why wasn’t Cloud Atlas nominated for anything in the music/technical department?

Matthew 24 February 201321:09

Anyway, have a lovely rest ofyour night folks!

Simon 24 February 201321:09

“Please give the Best Picture to Inception, it’s not too late”

Simon 24 February 201321:09


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